What is BestLife NLP?

Are you living the BestLife or simply doing your best and still feeling disgusted?

Can you pick and choose right Mental, Emotional and Resourceful states you want, focus on something you must, negotiate in your favor, make presentation to win applaud, have fruitful meetings, live relationships joyfully, attract appreciation every time and act without hesitation to win you all kind of deals.

Can you get to the goals that you set – such as a career of choice, an interesting profession or job and abundant financial freedom etc.?

Can you enjoy on regular basis happiness and peace overflowing with a choice place to live or possess best of means you want own?

BestLife NLP Model is all about it!

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Adopt the Best Practices.

Jump Start Best Life!

Don’t keep thinking about it!

We invite you to journey from ‘your best’ to ‘The Best’


We have created BestLife NLP Training and Certification, it gives you proper Strategies and set of skills to thoughtfully put into Practice everything you know the best for you. Move from ‘what to do’ to ‘how to do.’

BestLife NLP Practitioner Certification

  • A NLP Practitioner is the one who adopts the Best Practices and Live the Best Life. The Best Life possible
  • A Practitioner of NLP turns knowing into doing, gets to the best places possible in all areas of life. Some one who knows what is right, quickly let go that doesn’t work and find new better approach to get where one must.

Best Life is as you know series of intelligent choices you make, requires wisdom and strategic action you take.

With the backing of Society of NLP, founded by Dr. Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP), A Practitioner works on a model of NLP authenticated with Wisdom, Intelligence and Proper Tool-Set.

A Certified NLP Practitioner means someone who is Authentic and has Credibility in terms of Quality of Tools, Model and Strategies learned, to achieve highest standards and live the BestLife possible.

Standards depending upon Level of Success you desire to Achieve, a Strong Belief System to work for you on your demand, promptness to Overcome all sorts of Hurdles without wasting much of energy, Pre-decided Resourceful Sate and level of Performance at your command at the time you need.


On becoming Best Life NLP Practitoners

You get 3 prime benefits



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You do what you did right, do more of that and do every time, in all possible manners. Become known for your talents, skills and superior capabilities. Be more conscious to use UnConsciously, attain proficiency, impress and delight anyone.

There are many things in whichyou are just awesome, magnificent and unstoppable. You are so good and almost the best, cash on your strengths and transfer this set of things, persuade, influence and decorate someone’s life with something that works for you perfectly. Would you wait to be beautifier?
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STOP something that doesn’t work for you. Take charge! It may be as simple as you struggle to get out of bed or starve a sound sleep. Want to break eating pattern or take up exercises? Is it hard to jump-start or prolong motivation?

Not able to get into hi-octane performance state when situation demands or is it difficult to apply brakes to workaholic fast pace life? Are loosing balance and peace of mind?

So what is that you want to change? Can’t take people along or it not possible for you to persuade or awaken others interest? Have bad temperament, want be in control?

Take control, impress and enthrall people with perfect abilities to change your and other’s life.
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Not everyone has everything. But you can import other’s piece of excellence in your life. What is something that you want in your patterns of persuasion? Do you want to be like someone who is good in making decisions? May be you want to make extra money or acquire a top position like someone?  Who do you want to be like with your family, lead teams or unleash creativity?

Want to take decisions or become a healthy critic or want to model discipline and control or have mountain like courage and patience as some around y demonstrate? May be you like to laugh, giggle and let go as someone does so perfectly?

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All Possibilities- Lead the Best Life

Doesn’t matter to what degree you are doing well, making things happen, Practitioner of NLP certification has lot many pleasant surprises for you.

  • Just imagine amplified and multiplied ability to decide and accomplish in addition to what you already you inherits.
  • If you could positively assert- “I am so persuasive and sound so emphatic and that impact the deep unconscious of any one I interact.”image-4

Enter into universe of vibrant and exclusive set of competency that we two of us, Sat and Siri lead you through all the 7-days of workshop and beyond, as trainers embed in your unconscious using exclusive and powerful Bandler’s Technology of Strategy Patterning,

(IMPORTANT:This is not available to anyone who is NOT Licensed by Dr. Richard Bandler, we at Alphastars are personally trained by him)

  • Be sure you will be conversationally so smart to leave people spell bound while presenting or communicating with teams, peers, family etc., in day-to-day real world.
  •  Think when you nurture yourself with extremely High Self Esteem and Enhanced Self Image, the kind of radiance you project on others, with NLP it comes naturally to Practitioner. Isn’t this important than a cosmetic look in the mirror ordinary people tend to focus?

So the BestChanges happen in BestDuration of 7 days to adopt BestPractices to Lead BestLife in a BestEverTraining of your life-time with BestLife skills by the BestExperienced trainers who have put BestYears of life in Spreading the BestTechnology of human excellence learned from the BestKnown co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler.7 days

Here is summary of what you Get:

  • Tread fast on path of achievements; see how you achieve goals after goals
  • Remain fresh; raise personal frequency to operate from higher domains, experience hurdles tumbling and possibilities building.
  • Become neurological intuitive in making decisions and sensing situation to respond with proper strategies.
  • Become neurologically programmed to be impactful, impressive and covertly persuade to fetch ethically right outcome.
  • Train your brain to stay in zone, in a flow state of congruent and inspiringly motivated mind.
  • Become expert both in execution and getting things done.
  • Notice considerable changes in others as they give output far more than industry average with added happiness.
  • Clear past imprints that chokes your thinking.
  • Bury all worries, clear all fears, have a recipe to deal with anxiety and push negativity out of all aspects of life.
  • Banish phobia and impulsive stressful response to unconsciously recorded bad memories.
  • Use procrastination to your resourceful advantage and replace it where you need to jump start new initiatives.
  • Use your quick captivating sense to model anyone’s brilliance and adopt best practices to make your life best in every respect.
  • Refine your approach to make relationships strengthened to a new high to get you ecstatic standard of satisfaction. Feel safe and free, rather than bound and pushed to corner.
  • Doubts make you unpopular and frustrating, trust gets you the facts and people don’t steal, hide and cover up with excuses. Become trustworthy.image-6

Remember in the real world there is no magic. What you think magic, is actually a perfect strategy. So lean on people who don’t promise you sky or allure you with tricky names and may offer you much less.

  • It takes patience, strategy and practice to program neurology to get the results you want and live the BestLife.
  • Learn formula of multiplying success.
  • Supercharge positive belief system with energy of motivation.
  • Add more numbers to your accomplishments.
  • Divide, fractionate and destroy limitations.
  • Take charismatic vibrant zealous approach to life.
  • Be a radiant shining star, a person of repute.
  • Let every pour of skin open up to grab every single opportunity.
  • Accept what you can’t change and change what you can drastically.
  • Make connections, relationship a permanent force for good.
  • Live, lead and make others as well adopt BestLife practices.

A Practitioner of NLP knows to get BestWorth of all times of life.image-7

Let past not bother, future not worry and present not stress. Pull yourself out of mess. Make use of past experiences, present opportunities and future hope.

Make biggest of yours victories a history. No matter how much you achieve, learn to put it behind. Diligently re-invent life on consistent basis Continuously set higher goals. Integrate hi-achievers programing in your neurology set new course to hit new landmarks.

Decisions, decisions and decisions!!!

In the moment of decisions your life is shaped. What are you now deciding will determine BestLife NLP Training you take with us.

We know don’t want you settle with anything less than or other than the BestLife.

As you love to choose the BestAlways.

You also know there are people who talk so much and mean much less.

But when experience and testimonies speak, it can’t be denied.image-8

We have rolled out more than 2000 + Practitionersand Master Practitioners in the past 5 years. Earlier than that we begin in India, by assisting Dr. Richard Bandlerwhen he delivered a workshop in 1997, in LeMeridien in Bangalore.We started with NLP, three years before that in 1994.

So you can evidentially understand and logically too calculate the outstanding contribution we have made by Genuine NLP stuff to our India.

We have created BestPractitioners of NLP.

Frankly speaking, anyone can become a Licensed Trainer of NLP but that is like getting a Driving License. So what does it take to skillfully drive cars through speedy lanes, congested roads, and hilly terrain?


You got the answer!

Many young excited drivers end up in creating lots of mess. But we understand we too started one day. Every NLP trainer does a good job.

But what choices do you make in life gets you the results. Where do want to land. You got to make the BestChoice.

When the BestLife NLP Training is easily available, opportunity knocking at your door, for your certification, what would you choose now?

Obviously you will make the BestLife choice. And we welcome your decision

Best Life NLP Training with Alphastars Academy of Excellence

 Trainers and Training Highlights:

Everything that happens in the workshop is amazing. Core transformation takes place. Honed and highly skilled in embedding conversational change and strategy installation Trainers Sat and Siri delights you with charm and mesmerizing smiles and BestExpertise in the field of NLP.

They say, “it not simply a matter of interest or passion for us, it is our commitment to bring the BestOut of you.” Their conversation skills and nesting loop abilities acquired from Bandler start shattering the wall like shell of undesired conditioning that limits or stops you to be outstanding in life. Yes, though it is a NLP Certification Training, what makes it BestLife NLP Training is thematic interventions weaved around “How to be an Outstanding Individual.”

They know from the Best of years, put into continuously learning and facilitating all kinds of talent, and imparting, coaching, testing people in the proficiency gained in adopting BestLife NLP skills that what it take out to roll out a BestLife NLP practitioner. They have a remarkable sensory acuity to know the level of training required as per the collective and individual learning and assimilating style in the batch.

They work individually in the real time most challenging situations and stringent condition put them into litmus test. Read on…

Siriworks on volunteer basis with Indian Spinal Injury Center, coordinating with rehabilitation department (ISIC Hospital VasantKunj, New Delhi). She has done this great work for the past several years, ever since this hospital came into operations.

You can imagine all kinds of patients, their careers, relatives, attending doctors, nursing staff and other healthcare professional she uses NLP skills and BestPracticeswith one and all. And patents have financial, relationship and self-care, self confidence and self esteem issues.

Does BestLife NLP works the Best with every situation?

Answer is YES!

So we leave it to out good judgment sense, how well versed, effective and outstanding she is, even if you consider one area of life she touched for her satisfaction and upliftment.

This is apart from the fact that, she interacts with you from the beginning of your contacting Alphastars. During the workshop she personally supervises all BestLife NLP skills Practice Sessions.

She is a full fledgedLicensed NLP Trainers from Dr. Richard Bandler.

Accredited life coach with ACTP as per ICF norms.

Sat, is mesmerizing gifted NLP trainer with sound that will go with you forever, you won’t forget his one liner, his well modulated voice,  he models from the geniuses of NLP. He uses nested loops, stacking realities, extended quotes and you talk of any NLP skills, he had mastered them all in these BestYears put into NLP training.

He too works with business professionals and entrepreneurs to turn around their businesses. Multiply success and confidence.

He has his personal clients to be coached and groomed; apart from he is keen observer of human phenomenon. He is very curious and learns from everything to give BestLife NLP Training.

He uses fun and humor, without cracking jokes or laughing at any one still manages to infuse the whole environment with smiles, laughter and giggles. This is amazing and unique BestLife NLP Training from the BestLife skill trainer.

Both of them are now often referred as NLP Top Gurus known as beyond mastery. Guru is someone who knows how to bring the BestOut of you. The Best possible and not simply your best, which means bring the grey areas into limelight.

Both of them have taken training with NLP Top Motivational Guru, Anthony Robbins, Master Trainers John La Valle, Specialist Business NLP and President of Society of NLP USA and Master Trainer Kathleen La Valle with specialization the corporate world.

Do consider fully now,

It is not just another training or course; it is BestLife building opportunityand happens once in a lifetime. You can’t leave yourself to a chance or probability.

Fully satisfy yourself it is the BestLife NLP training, initiating you to take BestLife Practices, ask any question, we are available. Trainers, Sat or Siri will answer any question.

But one question you must ask yourself right now, “Do I want the BestLife ? If the answer is yes, come to us. We will ensure you Get the BestLife NLP Training with Certification from Dr. Richard Bandler, personally signed by him, this is the authentic proof.

Market demands Best Practices of NLP?

Certified as Practitioner of NLP is a prestigious professional competency that comes with responsibility. Moment you declare, you are a certified professional, others set higher expectations terms of quality results.

Any progressive organization in the process of talent acquisitions give weightage to BestLife skills a person possesses.

Teams leads, Managers, Operation heads, HR Professionals, Trainers or coaches. Business people, Professionals or Homemakers.Irrespective of post, position or functions, people and life skills plays vital role in desired steep progress or higher performance. NLP practices does a great work in any such context.