“These trainers are more than NLP teachers. They have the Heart, Mind, Spirit & Determination to spread Joy as well as Skill into the Evolutionary process. Learn from them and know more”
– Dr. Richard Bandler’s words about Sat and Siri

About Sat


Sat is the first and the only certified trainer by Dr. Richard Bandler co-creator of nlp, more than 18 years experience in India, who effortlessly changes the negative beliefs of people in corporate and personal fields which diverts them automatically to the path of unparalleled  success, peace, harmony and exuberant health.  when he first came in terms with nlp, and experienced the wonderful results, he decided to make others aware of this life changing nlp techniques. initially he personally benefitted his family and friends. then with the positive feed back, he was inspired to bring it to the world in the best and professional manner. NLP is his believed commitment for the betterment of anyone coming in touch with him.

Sat, is mesmerising gifted NLP trainer with trance inducing  sound of voice  that will go with you forever, you won’t forget his one liner, his well-modulated voice, he models from the geniuses of NLP. He uses nested loops, stacking realities, extended quotes and you talk of any NLP skills, he had mastered them all in these BestYears put into NLP training.

He too works with business professionals and entrepreneurs to turn around their businesses. Multiply success and confidence.

He has his personal clients to be coached and groomed; apart from he is keen observer of human phenomenon. He is very curious and learns from everything to give BestLife NLP Training.

He uses fun and humor, without cracking jokes or laughing at any one still manages to infuse the whole environment with smiles, laughter and giggles. This is amazing and unique Best Life NLP Training from the Best Life skill trainer.

He is a voracious reader and he constantly updates and reappraises his training to bring to people, businesses and organizations the best and the most effective methods to bring a revolution. He has also been trained in Coach U and Charisma Enhancement NLP Coaching.

He is an expert at modeling excellence which is the hallmark of NLP. He has worked with many high profile organizations like Microsoft, Reliance, LG, Airtel, Wipro, Oracle, SAIL, NMDC, Indian Oiletc.

About Siri


Siri has the art, aura, and conviction with commitment  to make people understand NLP terms and techniques with her simple and pleasant yet powerful ways.. with proven credentials from  Dr. Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP… she connects with the participants in a very impressive and friendly manner and builds a rapport which brings out the best results and solution to them  for their problems.. Known for her impeccable energy and deeply touching communication she is a also qualified kundalini yoga teacher and many spiritual and health conscious people have been benefited with her knowledge and simple body-work energy techniques learned with in Orlando with Dr. Richard Bandler as a part of Master Practitioner.

Siri is a fantastic and a talented trainer and BestLife-Corporate Coach with proven credentials. She is gifted with a melodious tone of voice that penetrates installing superior belief system into deep unconscious.

She facilitate training in very impressive manner and explain complex NLP stuff with unmatchable simplicity that pleasantly surprise learners. Her never ending smile radiates through out the sessions.

She designs and structure all in-house corporate workshops to be delivered by Alphastars. She is a laborious task master, who does not give up anything until highest standards of excellence.

She is a qualified NLP Trainer and a superb professional coach with full ICF , ACTP to her credit. This gives her an edge to connect with participants on one-on-one basis as well as to groups.

She also volunteers her skills to NGO run by Samarpan Foundation. And persuade CSR heads to donate for the most needed segment.

She is also a qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, personally initiated by Yogi Bhajan, She holds her certification from KRI, Los Angeles.
Siri reflects and introspect deeply on realty of life and necessity to offer unconditional love and support to one and all.

Siri also works on volunteer basis with Indian Spinal Injury Center, coordinating with rehabilitation department (ISIC Hospital VasantKunj, New Delhi). She has done this great work for the past several years, ever since this hospital came into operations.

You can imagine all kinds of patients, their careers, relatives, attending doctors, nursing staff and other healthcare professional she uses NLP skills and BestPracticeswith one and all. And patents have financial, relationship and self-care, self confidence and self esteem issues.

She interacts with you from the beginning of your contacting Alphastars. During the workshop she personally supervises all BestLife NLP skills Practice Sessions. Even after the workshop she lend her whole hearted support  and ensure that practitioners to make full use of NLP interventions in the real life situations.

Once you undergo her NLP breakthrough sessions, ripples of change and transformations will continue to make a positive difference in your life.

5 Reasons to choose Sat and Siri as TrainersTitle

Reliability of trainers and certifying body are perhaps the most important things one must check. It is important, because any one can claim to be a Trainer and issue a certificate from anywhere in the world. So it becomes imperative on your part to check the credentials of the trainers.

Sat and Siri are Certified and Licensed Trainers of NLP and members of Dr. Richard Bandler’s Society of NLP (SNLP), an organization set up by developers of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder to maintain and improve the quality of NLP offered to the learner. It is the largest and most authentic certifying body in the world.

Anyone can misguide you by mentioning “XNLPX” from country “XXXX” (USA,UK,AUSetc,) Specially to dupe Indians, some foreigners walk into India, name a society and claim as authentic.
Would you hire a cab if the driver has just obtained a Driving License but actually has never taken passengers through the highway or would you recommend a surgeon who has never even assisted in a surgery? Experience counts. It is important to see that the trainer is experienced enough to certify you.

Check with us to be doubly sure, we will inform you about authentic NLP certification bodies.

Sat and Siri are the only trainers in India with more than 19 years of experience and have successfully taken up evaluation process with Dr. Richard Bandler. This is one of the most profound and challenging evaluation processes in the world. Each trainer is tested stringently to demonstrate the highest degree of skill and competency before being awarded a Trainer certificate. They are the most experienced Indian trainers and keep themselves at pace with changing world and latest developments in NLP. NLP training is provided in line with the goals and intentions of Dr.Richard Bandler.

We know that you want to learn NLP from a genuine source. And contents, if not taken care of, get diluted as they pass through various trainers. Facts get distorted and misrepresented, making NLP not only less effective, but also unnecessarily more complex to learn and apply.

Sat and Siri have studied and learned extensively the original work directly from co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and his most brilliant and finest research and training partners John La Valle, and Kathleen La Valle. They have been trained and mentored by some of the very best of  Dr.Bandler’s apprentices. They also had the privilege of assisting Dr. Richard Bandler during his only visit to India for a Practitioner course run of NLP  in 1997. With their first-hand information directly from the originators of NLP, you can rely on them to learn what NLP really is.
Sat and Siri practice and share NLP in its pure form, keeping its effectiveness intact.

Dr. Richard Bandler has made some corrections and improvements in the original model of NLP that was created in the 70’s, and stopped teaching some of the interventions.This brought significant enhancement to the field of NLP. NLP Seminar Group team is continuously developing powerful and easy-to-use processes for change work and personal evolution, giving you better result in faster time.

Latest update Sat and Siri have taken up with
Dr. Richard Bandler Orlando, USA in July 2010.

Sat always challenges himself for continuous up gradation and development. He constantly updates his skills and knowledge with the latest research and development in this field. Besides NLP, he has also been trained in Coach U and Charisma Enhancement. NLP Coaching, the latest and most advanced developments in NLP.

Sat and Siri have also been trained directly with Tony Robbins, in Long Beach, Los Angeles USA and have gained the latest insights of presentation style with him to deliver highest quality of trainings. (Tony is their personal friend and has been close to their Spiritual Master Yogi Bhajan, Los Angeles, USA. Incidentally, Dr.Bandler too has been quite an admirer and friend of Yogi Bhajan)

Yogi Bhajan,a pioneer in the field of Yoga, a Science of Mind, Body and Spirit integration trained people from NASA, Harvard, Peace Keeping Security officials and individuals from different backgrounds. So have Dr.Bandler and Tony Robbins worked in different capacities with lots of elite groups. Being in the company of such great individuals, Sat and Siri have become quite versatile trainers themselves. Sat and Siri present the whole NLP in a multi-dimensional versatile model. A structured model that people appreciate because of inter-relatedness and functionality.

There is often a considerable gap between learning in training environment and applying it in real life situations. There are many people who get a certificate, but remain incompetent to use what they learn. So, you need trainers who are constantly working with corporate and private clients, helping them in achieving desired results in business and personal life. You need trainers who can enable you to actually apply what you learn with ease.

Sat and Siri present the whole NLP model in a unique manner that people find it very easy and practical to apply.Sat and Siri  focus more on Practitioner’s skill building process unlike other trainers who harp on their own achievements and focus less on the client’s needs.

Sat and Siri teaches what they have actually experienced and tested in the real and corporate world. Their depth of knowledge and skills, help you in applying and using what you’ve learned in the real-time situation.

Sat and Siri have experienced learning in different positions, trainings as a participant, a trainer’s assistant to Dr. Richard Bandler, a mentor, Protégé and also chief trainer. They have experienced many different teaching styles and methods, attended national and international conferences, participated in AIMA, NHRD, and World HRD Congress etc. They have learned and experienced what really works and what must not be taught as well. And through years of careful observation and introspection, challenges and  brain storming sessions, they have learnt the perfect way to transfer the right form of NLP to you. They deliver exactly what can help you to overcome obstacles.

Sat and Siri use advance NLP skills to make NLP trainings enjoyable, simple and effective. They use multi-level-communication, demonstrations, stage anchoring, nested loops, embedded suggestions, up-down time utilizations, advance linguistic patterns, ambiguities patterns, powerful metaphors with mastery and much more. That’s how learning NLP with them is so much fun and easy!

Endorsement of our work


Richard Bandler

Sat and Siri together act as a phenomenal training team.  Together they provide for their clients an inner core of transformation through their systematic and strategic use of NLP skills.   They are devoted to helping their clients and students “Acheive the Best” , and help them to find the l

John La Valle

The training programs at Alphastars Academy of Excellence conducted by Siri G P Khalsa and Sat P Singh Khalsa are true to their name. Excellence is what they strive for in their training and in the results they strive to achieve for each of their clients.  Whether it is in their Practitioner and M

Kathleen La Valle

Siri G P Khalsa and Sat P Singh Khalsa are two wonderful trainers in their own rights and when you put them together as a team it only  gets better.  I appreciate their level of devotion and dedication to their students and to perpetuating the high level of quality that can only be gotten in a Soc