Best Appreciated in NLP Training & Certification!

“Patterning Best Life Strategies

Programming Neurology for Generative Human Excellence!”

We have marveled NLP Training for 20 best years experimenting in real life situations. Dealing with range of people, from diverse positions with different issues and ponding over the outcome to get better results every next time.

This all begin in 1992, with a question in mind, “How to give people something that would lead them to be outstanding in their class and achieve the best in life?” as we deeply wanted people to do best, we booked a domain sending our intent to the world. You can register for BestLife NLP Training

This led us to search for the best of intervention available, and we zeroed on “NLP” and begin from zero. But chose the Best NLP Training with Dr. Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP.

As this rescued us from the hardship we were going through as well as proved unbelievably powerful to practice with others to solve their issues.This double-edged sharpness brilliantly generated overwhelming interest in us.

We both Sat and Siri became full-fledged Licensed Trainers of NLP of Dr. Richard Bandler.


We excelled in training and getting results in personal sessions and in 1997, assisted Dr. Richard Bandler in his first and only Practitioner Certification in Bangalore in India.

Since than we have undertaken sacred responsibility of imparting NLP Training, Certification and Coaching also enjoy owning it. We have rolled out most outstanding and highest able whom their clients have rated Excellent, The Best, Unparalleled and Dedicated etc.

We have taken training with NLP Top Motivational Guru, Anthony Robbins, Master Trainers John La Valle, Specialist Business NLP and President of Society of NLP USA and Master Trainer Kathleen La Valle with specialization the corporate world.

 Our field of specialization:

You’ll find NLP tools are easy to use, practical and applicable in Management, business, sales, HR, communication, Training and team or executive coaching, as well as Mentoring, sports, therapy, and personal growth.

Fact is these techniques really work in producing tangible amazing results. Results prove that these NLP techniques are the best as well as practical processes for creating fast and long lasting change in your life.

We know there are many other systems, may be good at discovering problems but not necessarily worthy to give you tools for painless, fast and real change. The NLP tools taught by us are the most effective that exist today and our purpose to make them available to you is to improve your life, health, business, relationships, income and career.

Some of the Most Prominent People believed to have admired NLP: Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, J.K. Rowling, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Tony Robbins, are some of the key influencers who use or have used NLP for their own development and creating impact.

We work with a people from all walks of life through our innovative and life changing workshops and programs. We have conducted more than 200 certification workshops, thousands of shorter duration programs and countless 1:1 coaching sessions benefiting thousands of participants in virtually all areas of their life be it profession, career and relationship etc.

We have worked with public sector, private sector, MNC’s and various kinds of professionals and individuals to help transform and manage change.

We provide a host of training solutions to our clients. Our training programs range from 2 days to 5 days for duration for corporates. We cover a wide range of subjects/topics for all segments. For a complete list of our ready-to-deliver training modules/workshops visit other pages.

In addition to our standard training programs, we also tailor customer specific workshops as per the needs. Please send us your query for your specific needs.

We also undertake NLP based:

  • Entrepreneur Building
  • Consulting
  • Innovation

We do not claim to be perfect yet we strive to live by:

  • Humanity
  • Integrity
  • Generosity
  • Humor
  • Flexibility

 We at ‘Alphastars Academy of Excellence’ add values to:

  •  Attain Conversational mastery for persuasion and impact.
  •  Accelerated growth and progress in all areas of your life
  •  Wisely let go the past and handle criticalities of life.
  •  Be absolutely decisive and clear.
  •  Enhanced competencies to coach and lead anyone.

Remember: These interventions are designed and sure to make difference in your life.

We work with a mission of empowering people in their pursuits and endeavours, encouraging them to enjoy the best  they  have to achieve the best possible, through our innovative and life changing workshops, coaching and programs.

Connect people to their inner resources and build a critical mass of outstanding people to lead the BestLife possible!