How I saved my company from loosing collaborator using persuasion skills with NLP….

As a Leader, I learned in NLP to quickly elicit and understand the criteria behind the demands of people. I knew how to build instant rapport, address objections of clients and formulate effective strategies for softening present and future objections. When my MD assigned me role to deal with irritants of our collaborator, it wasn’t difficult for me. Over the phone and in person, I used every possible NLP language patterns and managed to create an irresistible influence. Results were amazing..! I saved the collaborators from leaving us. Thanks to NLP.

Senior Sales Professional, FMCG Hyderabad

Bringing additional business of Rs. 27 lacs was no longer a burden…”

People move on, leave companies amidst crisis and hardship. Two of my colleagues resigned in just near the end of final quarter. I had to deliver the results, no options. NLP teaches you how to manage stress, collapse bad Anchors, reframe the situation and specifically describe what do you want.

I thought I would forget to use NLP, like so many other programs I had undergone. I was surprised when everything I learned in NLP class became so easily usable.

I took over additional territory, made extra calls, handled more customers but surprisingly felt stress-free and calm. I made additional sales of Rs. 27 lacs.

Head of Orthopedic, Multi-specialty Hospital, New Delhi As a Medical

I could help patient heal their trauma..” –Visiting Counselor, Multi Specialty Hospital

I work in a reputed multi specialty healthcare unit. I came across NLP during an in-house training workshop. Thereafter it was clear to me that this will help me in making my patients calm and healed. I come across patients from all walks of life. A young boy with traumatic conditions was almost unmanageable by whole of my staff and mental healthcare professionals. His parents too were quite helpless and upset. He wouldn’t take any interest in rehabilitation and medicare. No amount of counseling helped him. I used powerful tonal and visual anchors. Helped him to tone down the internal voices, created a compelling vision using sub-modality predicates. It did not take me more than 20 minutes of focused session. I was astonished to see him becoming hopeful and determined. Today he is running a successful IT training center in Lucknow, in North India.

I am more than convinced NLP skills are reliable and easy to use.

Physiotherapist and Chiropractor, Los Angeles, USA

“Professional I found NLP techniques could improve my client’s recovery rate. “

I also learned how to elicit precise and quality information from my clients using Meta Model questions. I can now help my clients to become more comfortable and receptive to my treatment. -Independent Physician, Chennai

I am a Physiotherapist. I learned very powerful verbal and psychological NLP skills to induce a state of well-being-ness, healing and relaxation.

I use my sensory acuity skill learned in NLP. I can now communicate with confidence, locate and remove “false beliefs” of my clients. By understanding relationship between my client’s mental state and physical health I help them to drop resistance and heal faster.

An established TV Actor of a record-breaking show, Mumbai

“…such competitive world of TV and Bollywood, I could make my place. I was just a stranger one day..”

Luckily I could learn NLP skills in just before I was to launch myself as an actor and director. I used skills like understanding Meta-programs and building Rapport to promote myself.

I learned how to connect to my unlimited inner resources and trigger my abilities to express different emotions, flex in different roles and perform. Using my voice tone as a big leverage to get through right from audition and to complete assignment. I could prove an edge over others. Soon no role was difficult.

What was surprising, during the NLP course nothing much I could relate and I kept wondering how would I use it. My NLP instructors were confident and kept assuring the rest. Now I can guarantee, just go through the NLP course as per the instructor’s expertise. You will get all the benefits.

Business Development Manager, MNC, Hyderabad

“.. 10 years of working as professional, handling diversity and going to places!……Still upbringing children requires something else….”

As a father it was many a times difficult for me to manage my 7 yrs. old son. When my wife left for corporate assignment away from home, it became all the more difficult to cope with home and profession. One day I used my Anchoring skill with my child to keep him focused and attentive to finish home work. Then on it was never difficult. Even to get into right state after whole day work, life with my family became relaxing and in control.

In fact anyone who interacts with different age groups in any capacity, or desires personal enhancement, can definitely benefit by learning these NLP Anchoring skills.

Soft skill-Leadership Trainer, Dubai

“Managing emotions and mind requires skill-set. NLP has whole set of skills,is just the right answer.”

Just spending 5 days in NLP training could fetch me 10 days of more earning days every month… I ‘ve been soft-skills trainer. I would start my sessions at speed of 100 m/hr, towards the end of session struggle to keep pace at a speed just 10 m/hr. Exhausted and tired I would give lip service to my audience and maintain an artificial smile. Learning NLP has made me manage my energy and audience. Almost every skill I have learnt in my Practitioner of NLP class, gave me new insight to devise new skills and topic of change-management. I have begin taking up sessions for Senior leaders also. My effectiveness and income has increased.

Technical Head, Mobile MNC-Ahmedabad

“I became H.O.D in matter of moments…. Thanks to NLP class..”

My boss resigned, I was not the next and obvious choice in the mind of my management. Senior management too didn’t invite me to ask. But I had learnt to rely on my “ pool “ of resources. Future pace and create a compelling vision.
Suddenly everything was clear in my mind. I walked straight to my CEO, gave my strategy and plan of action. She was first time before me for more than 5 minutes. I applied all linguistic skills learnt in basic and master class to get her focus and time. My tone of voice, I could feel resonating and touching her psyche. She paused, reflected and then agreed to give me a chance to try things out. I managed the desired change my company has been looking for. One of the prime objectives set for me was completing the ongoing project on time. Can you imagine, I could do it before time? Since then I am the H.O.D.

Principal and Founder of a Public School

“That depressed child began smiling the next day onwards…”

I head my institute and I am perfectionist by nature. I want to make school known for values such as care, quality education and happiness. I also know my students undergo lots of stress because of their studies and sometime not so favorable environments in their homes. I found a student of my institute quite depressive, disinterested and aloof. I knew the power of mind and trans-derivational search. I paced a bit and immediately lead the child to shift focus then swiftly anchored a new powerful state using a unique voice tone. I had not to wait for days and months. Just the next day itself, I found child smiling and mixing with classmates. This could be unbelievable for anyone, yet any NLP practitioner would know how simple and effective it is..

Principal and Founder of a Public School