NLP Trainers

Sat is the first and the only certified trainer by Dr. Richard Bandler co-creator of nlp, more than 18 years experience in India, who effortlessly changes the negative beliefs of people in corporate and personal fields which diverts them automatically to the path of unparalleled  success, peace, harmony and exuberant health.  when he first came in terms with nlp, and experienced the wonderful results, he decided to make others aware of this life changing nlp techniques. initially he personally benefitted his family and friends. then with the positive feed back, he was inspired to bring it to the world in the best and professional manner. NLP is his believed commitment for the betterment of anyone coming in touch with him.

Sat, is mesmerising gifted NLP trainer with trance inducing  sound of voice  that will go with you forever, you won’t forget his one liner, his well-modulated voice, he models from the geniuses of NLP. He uses nested loops, stacking realities, extended quotes and you talk of any NLP skills, he had mastered them all in these BestYears put into NLP training.

He too works with business professionals and entrepreneurs to turn around their businesses. Multiply success and confidence.

He has his personal clients to be coached and groomed; apart from he is keen observer of human phenomenon. He is very curious and learns from everything to give BestLife NLP Training.

He uses fun and humor, without cracking jokes or laughing at any one still manages to infuse the whole environment with smiles, laughter and giggles. This is amazing and unique Best Life NLP Training from the Best Life skill trainer.

He is a voracious reader and he constantly updates and reappraises his training to bring to people, businesses and organizations the best and the most effective methods to bring a revolution. He has also been trained in Coach U and Charisma Enhancement NLP Coaching.

He is an expert at modeling excellence which is the hallmark of NLP. He has worked with many high profile organizations like Microsoft, Reliance, LG, Airtel, Wipro, Oracle, SAIL, NMDC, Indian Oiletc.