Alphastars BestLife-Excecutive-Business Coaching & NLP Certification

People who make it choice to be an outstanding coach take it seriously to ensure that they learn best set of skills in the optimum duration and from the best of trainers. They want to learn most elegant, effective and gracious ways to handle toughest of situations. Whereas they are keen to assist others to make magnificent changes on one hand, they are also serious to transform their own life to be exceptional and extraordinary.

Sat and Sir at Alphastars have known it since the time of their own search for excellence. While figuring out where to go , what to learn and whom to rely on?  What would be the best duration to get initiated ? What is the best model of coaching? How to initiate  coaching in an organisation? What way approaching an individual is different than the organisation? All of such question haunted them and this is what is uniquely addressed while taking up Alphastars BestLife Professional Coach Training. Total immersion NLP both levels of training followed by professional coach orientation is a comprehensive model that answer all your interests. We invite you to take real advantage of the unique style of coach training,

Mentor Coach Siri enlighten you with deep heart wisdom and intuitive gut to train you, how to handle clients even over the phone and Vibrant Mentor Coach Sat amazes you with personal presence you can make your client experience with you. They also take keenly mentor you considering your unique background and encourage you to develop your own style and model of coaching.

Having take up first module, with no previous experience of NLP or coaching, you lay a solid foundation to tower your coaching acumen like no one. And by taking up full version of training, you realise forever, how one decision changed your life.

Summary of Certification Offerings

Open to All 

  • NLP Practitioner
  • BestLife Practitioner Coach
  • BestLife Professional Coach
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • BestLife Inner Alignment Coach
  • BestLife Inner Alignment Master Coach
  • X-Ray of Mind Certification

Open to only Corporates

  • Work-Place and Business Applications
  • BestLife Emotional Intelligence Coach
  • BestLife Excellence Coach

We honour the organisations and our mentor coaches backing us to adhere to highest standards of excellence while imparting prestigious BestLife-Busines/Executive Training. We are an accredited academy of imparting authentic and licensed certifications by co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler, President of Society of NLP, John LaValle, Master Training and Business Coach Kathleen LaValle part from they have endorsed Best Life Model, Anthony Robbin known International Business and Personal Breakthrough Methodologies have been inspiringly integrated in lead BestLife.

We have put the best years of life in integrating cutting edge NLP coaching tools and matching core coaching competencies as per ICF norms and is successfully used by ICF accredited life and business coaches.

Outline of BestLife Coaching Programs

  • Coaching to retrieve precise and useful information from others.
  • Develop stronger and bonding relationships.
  • Enhanced ability to carry sensory specific coaching conversations
  • Coach people to master productive and conducive emotional states
  • Co-create environment of trust, let people work on their unnecessary fears and phobias.
  • Coaching motivation and commitment.
  • Transforming unwanted behaviours into useful habits.
  • Become sharply focused expert to calibrate body signals and non-verbal cues
  • Become a resource integrating and inspiring communicator.
  • Formulating success strategies by modelling achievers.
  • Revamping belief system
  • Coaching to retrieve precise and useful information from others.
  • And few more unique model that no one teaches .

Note:No prior knowledge in NLP required to take up this course.

Course Detail
  • Coaching to harmonise and be productive.
  • Re-imprinting core beliefs.
  • Installing superior capabilities on Value Line.
  • NLP timeline based coaching.
  • Rooting out hidden cause  in the unconscious.
  • Shifting environmental paradigms.
  • Value Matrix coaching
  • Identity Shift coaching trances

Note:7 Days NLP Practitioner Certification required to take up this course

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Best practices  of starting and setting up  NLP and/or coaching business

  •  How to sign up client
  • Profiling Options
  • Structure Coaching Agreement
  • Client Focused Package
  • Choosing Model of Coaching
  • Taking a session
  • Coach Presence
  • Coaching Formats for all the 7 days Skills
  • Offering Service Packages

Note:7 Days NLP Practitioner Certification required to take up this course

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  •  Understanding core structure of change work and how it applies to practical demand in market.
  •  Elemental balance induction to harmless weight loss/management.
  • The Guru model of opening up to true wisdom.
  • Coachable Mastery Model
  • Designing Master Formats
  • Offering Advance Interventions
  • Profiling Thinking Patterns
  • Coaching based of Thinking Patterns Analysis
  • Reading and Relating Thinking Patterns

Note:8 Days NLP Master Practitioner Certification required to take up this course

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  • Building Emotional intelligence coaching integrated with Meta-Profiling.
  • Interviewing for profiling thinking patterns.

Note:7 Days NLP Practitioner Certification required or in-house NLP Training required to take up this course

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  • Mind Sonar methodology
  • Interpreting contexts and meta programs.

Note:7 Days NLP Practitioner Certification required to take up this course

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