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Design the Best Life

Live the way you want, achieve audacious goals, break habitual patterns, drop limitations, negotiate to win and communicate to persuade in all conditions. Stop living life on other’s terms.

Renew the sub-conscious

NLP practioner training changes programming, creates richness and wealthy mind–set. Builds courage to take up a profession of your choice or get paid for what you deserve. Make rewarding decisions that bring praise.

Increase personal efficiency

Get rid of procrastination. Push fears away, gain confidence, overcome hurdles. Win trust in relationship and become irresistibly jubilant.

Want to jump to next level? Grow beyond limits?

Transform Operating Patterns
TOP with BestLife NLP
A Unique NLP model

As you get NLP Practitioner Certification, you also become qualified to be BestLife Practitioner Coach.

Why do you need most prestigious NLP Training by Sat and Siri the finest Trainers of Dr. Richard Bandler co-creator of NLP
keep the change you make and put your success on auto-mode with….

Unconscious Strategy rePatterning

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Prestigious Endorsements

Dr. Richard Bandler

persnSat and Siri together act as a phenomenal training team. Together they provide for their clients an inner core of transformation through their systematic and strategic use of NLP skills. They are devoted to helping their clients and students “Achieve the Best”, and help them to find the life strategies to do so.
Dr. Richard Bandler
(Co-Creator of NLP)

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John La Valle

persnThe training programs at Alphastars Academy of Excellence conducted by Siri G P Khalsa and Sat P Singh Khalsa are true to their name.Excellence is what they strive for in their training and in the results they strive to achieve for each of their clients.Whether it is in their Practitioner and Master Practitioner seminars, or their business coaching excellence is their target.

John La Valle
( President of the society of NLP™ )

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Kathleen La Valle

persnSiri G P Khalsa and Sat P Singh Khalsa are two wonderful trainers in their own rights and when you put them together as a team it only gets better. I appreciate their level of devotion and dedication to their students and to perpetuating the high level of quality that can only be gotten in a Society of NLP – Dr. Richard Bandler training institute.

Kathleen La Valle

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Best Trainers: Sat & Siri

Photo Gallery

This is mind opening workshop. I am an ardent fan of Dr. Richard Bandler. The way Sat and Siri present Alphastars BestLife NLP Model, is beyond standards of excellence. Yes this the Best training I have ever attended o
Amar Ganesh
I can now see the practicality and usefulness of NLP skills in my passion of life coaching. During one of the short term well-formedness conditions of setting outcome exercise, I got sudden illumination, what do I want
I came in touch with Sat and Siri  five years back. Since than I have taken their support in solving many complex cases in my NLP change sessions I undertake with individuals. My work is challenging and mission to help
Capt Gopal
My Certification is my Light that shines through me now.
I am so much delighted and  having learned NLP, both Practitioners and Master Practitioner level now I am changing the lives of many people.
Jay Shree M
I am so much transformed with BestLife NLP training by Alphastars.
It is an incredible  change. I know exactly now what I would be doing in my life.
I am chemical engineer and Vice-President i
I have achieved a lot of things that had been pending- got through entrance exams with just 25 days of preparation as I realized that it’s all in the mind and if I put myself in the best state of mind as taught by NLP with Alphastars, I can achieve anything and I did. Now I handle wide range of pe
Sushma Sharma
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