14 May 2016
I am so much transformed with BestLife NLP training by Alphastars.
It is an incredible  change. I know exactly now what I would be doing in my life.
I am chemical engineer and Vice-President in company, I am so equipped  now to
get along well with my team mates and seniors in the organisation. Meta model
Questions helps me to carry my technical discussions meaningfully  and rapport
Keeps me going without creating any objections in others mind.
I am also clear and have definite  strategies to accomplish  big vision I have discovered during the NLP workshop.
I also feel great, I can connect and nurture my child very elegantly. Perhaps this was a challenge earlier, NLP
skills helps me to maintain my calm to address his issues and concerns.
All I can sum it up as is, I am rocking after NLP. Sat and Siri are the best trainers I have ever come across.
Vice President.