08 Feb 2014

What do you want ?

  • Negotiate well, clinch a deal or live with Rapport,
  • Penetrate deep at the sub-conscious level and Retrieve Facts,
  • Get down to core and discover the Secrets of Creating Compelling Future,
  • Have Determination to Turn Around a Business
  • Stick to weight loss plan or Bring Major Transformation

…all of this begins with NLP Certification Training by Sat and Siri in 7-days Course.

Certificate signed and  issued  by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP)



Are you a…..Corporate Executive, Independent, Trainer or HR Professional.Team Leader or Project Head?

You’ll find NLP tools…..Easy to use, practical and applicable in Management, Business, Sales, HR, Communication, Training , Team/Executive Coaching,  as well as Mentoring, Sports, Therapy, and Personal Growth

 7-Days NLP Practitioner

Certification Training

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Nov 25th – Dec 1st, 2013
Hotel Vasant Continental New Delhi

Dec 9th – Dec 15th, 2013
Hotel Ajanta, Juhu Tara Rd. Mumbai

Jan 7th – Jan 13th, 2014
Hotel Ibis ,Pune

Jan 21st – Jan 27th 2014
Hotel Monarch, Bangalore

Feb 3rd – Feb 9th 2014
Hotel Vasant Continental Delhi

Feb 19th  – Feb 25th 2014
Hotel Ajanta, Juhu Tara Rd. Mumbai

March 7th – March 13th 2014
Hotel Green Park, Hyderabad

March 19th – March 25th 2014
Hotel Savera, Chennai


With NLP Certification Training:

  • Become ferociously effective in what ever you do.
  • Communicate to influence yourself and others.
  • Change unwanted behaviors, habits and beliefs.
  • Interrupt unproductive patterns and thinking.
  • Model your own excellence and that of others.
  • Amplify your inner strength and resources.

Geniuses describe NLP as:

Human technology to consciously detect and diffuse unconsciously held unproductive patterns.

Art of scientifically acquiring unconsciously held information, using thoughtful questions that allow you to get closer to the reality in a given situation.

A profound skill-set to deeply influence and communicate congruently maintaining respect and promoting harmony.

A meaningful approach to create bonding and open relationships while appreciating the difference.

Comprehensive approach that increases curiosity – how people learn, decide, get motivated and convinced.Different styles and stages of learning and how to teach them.

Neuro-Strategically Generate New Patterns and make Personal and Professional life more richer and fuller


*Authorized NLP Courses


“Being in corporate I have attended so many workshops, but this one I would recommend to every one. It has been a new experience for me;it has given me the new and practical tools to clarify my thoughts. Handle my emotions in challenging negotiations, and move myself forward to next level.” 

-NLP Practitioner from Alphastars