16 Jan 2017
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Singam 3 2017

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Singam 3 2017

Harry is a continuation in Tamil film Singam 3This two action movie series “sing.
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” But as an actor Suriya recoup its role properly policeman, Durai Singam, the third movie, when Anushka. also ShrutiHaasan actress who was chosen to play the role of journalists.

Language: Tamil

Classification: NA

GeneralDate: 26 Jan 2017

Type: Rock / glory

Working hours: None

Availability: NA

Cast: Suriya, AnushkaSignum, Shruti Haasan

Director: Harry

Format: 2D

In our world, but it is for all the inhabitants of the earth, sing to the moon, the stars, Buster, Koala Dapper, who has power, great theater, which fell on hard. Okay, buddyeternal optimist, perhaps, the least evil, wanting more than anything to keep the theater. In the same ambition now decays back to its glory fading svetotGEM and produceremelit highest praise.


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