25 May 2015

With leadership comes great responsibility! You decide not for yourself but for the people who support you, rely on your sole decision with a hope that it will fulfill their goals.

Irrespective of whether the leader belongs to large or small organization, the responsibility and the roles they share aren’t that different! One decision can make a huge difference to people’s lives hence it needs to be taken with great precision. A good leaders are worth to take such decisions.

Leadership isn’t just a quality, it has to be developed over a time. A leader having many years of experience ultimately becomes a senior leader!  It’s easy to convince people who follow you but it’s difficult to convince people who are leaders already because the needs of general public is different from those who are leaders. General people have monetary goals while leaders have a total different needs which include status, contribution, and self-actualization. So here are few qualities or behaviors that will help you to lead a team of leaders.

True leader is a Coach

A leader possesses the qualities of leading the people where ever they are
They may have risen to being a leader from being an executive in an organization. But definitely they possess the qualities of taking along people at some level. So they become like a Coach to their people very rarely commanding. Rather understanding the potential of their people and coaching them in such. A way that they also feel empowered at their place
That’s being an outstanding Leader

Team need to be empowered

The leaders whom you will lead are more than sufficient to know the dos and don’ts! You need not tell them as it will only show your lack of confidence. The leaders always need to feel empowered and show confidence by their senior leader to work better.

Be modest

The thoughts of the team members are important and must be considered before taking any decision. Always allow for information and ideas to flow freely from both sides. It will only enhance your decision making capability. Promote discussions, debate. Let everyone express their views.

Be consistent

Always make good use of power to make rational decisions. You are always judged for your actions. See that your work and actions are aligned together. Always set a good example for your team members.

Have a kind heart

The factors of motivation for your team would be self-actualization, status, creativity and fulfilling their needs would be your prime responsibility. Give them the required exposure or allow them to share your spot-light as they will be the future senior leaders. Such leaders not only help himself but help others too to achieve their goals.

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