28 May 2015

Have you heard people talking? How often Time and money is always compared? We refer it as complex equivalence. Although its roots are, traditionally what is being quoted that “time is money?” But if you closely examine, isn’t it a misconception? Time cannot be replaced by money at all. You can earn money and even if you lose money you can get it back. But it is impossible to get back the lost time. The spent moment is an irreversible thing. One must understand the most important concept of time over money that is:

“Time is abstract whereas money is real object”

Yes I agree and there is no doubt that money is needed for survival. You cannot support your family without money. You start earning for a better living, but you end up just living to earn. If you have lots of money but no time to spend it then it is pointless to earn money. In the long run time defeats money in this race of life.


Everyone is going to die some or the other day. Hence you are not an immortal person on this planet. You have limited time and making the best of it is solely in your hands. Our timer is already set and it is counting down. We have no clue when it will reach zero, so why to waste time in things we are least interested??


You can enjoy the luxuries that money can buy only when you are alive. But with death every one has to depart without the money. But it is mythological believe that the only thing that remains with you forever is the good times you spent to improve as a person and made people happy. Even if you don’t believe in this mythology, the time spent to spread knowledge and wisdom is sure to reach to many people. I hear many times Sat, co-trainer of NLP, “ people say laxmi (Godess of wealth) is chanchal (fast moving and doesn’t stay), I believe that Saraswati (Godess of knowledge) is so.”

True, isn’t it? Knowledge and wisdom spread faster than money moves. This improves the world.  So you can ensure time spent is worth it. Money shared get divided whereas knowledge shared gets multiplied.


You work hard and earn money. Even if your wallet is full of cash, but if you have no time, no friends, no people to spend that money then it is actually of no use. Money can buy almost every expensive thing in the world. But fails to buy most precious of all “love” and “friendship”. Time spent to give love and make friends proves valuable.


People who have money complain about lack of time. And people who have time say their pockets are empty. The real fact about life is that we need to keep balance between both time and money so that you attain satisfaction. The trick to a happier way of living is to stop complaining and be satisfied with how much you have.

Finally you have to keep a balance between managing time and spending money. Both of them are equally important for survival.

There are several NLP techniques to set clear goals and accomplish them in a given time. Let me share one here to make your time spent here even more worthier.

Think of any goal you wish to achieve in next 3 months. Ask following Cartesian logic questions to make your goal achievable.

‘Why this goal is important?’

‘What would happen if I would get it?’

‘What would happen if I won’t get it?

‘What won’t happen if I would get it?’

‘What won’t happen if I won’t get it?’

The answers would elicit unconscious information to make your goals worth to spend time on them

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