09 Feb 2015

World is full of people who are not satisfied with what they have and always groan about what they don’t . They count on those things that do not exist for their happiness and contentment. The days of “If only I had the same remote car as he has, I will never ask for anything else ever again.” Does this situation still exist?

If only I had ANOTHER CHANCE… I would plan. I would spend wisely.I would try my level best.I would achieve it. I would have more well wishers. I would improve. I would assist others without expectations.

If I had an EXTRA HOUR…I would have done extra workout. I would have scored more. I would play with my kids. I would volunteer. I would have written a book. I would complete what I had started.

If only I had ADDITIONAL SALARY…I wouldn’t keep the loan pending. I would eat healthier. I would take my children wherever they say. I wouldn’t have to take any tension. I would enjoy my life to the fullest.

And such complains continue infinitely…
Till the time we keep blaming our outer situations and surrounding, we will keep being in a negative state of mind. We need to change our attitude and outlook so that we start believing in ourselves. Because the answer lies within us.

“Sometime change of perspective is all it takes to see light.”
~Dan Brown

Then there are some people determined to change the world. No matter if they get another chance or have extra salary or time, they will do well, flourish, improve and make the difference.

They are least bothered about what world has in store for them. For them its just how much they can contribute to make the difference.

So find an opportunity in every difficulty, consider a hurdle as a chance to improve and evolve as a better person than before.

So here is something you can do using Neuro-linguistic abilities, brain power you possess.
What is the most difficult situation of the day or present time you are facing? Understand in terms of images and body sensations. Begin to shrink and make these images smaller and focus on the sensation and changing breathing pattern.
Next find out, What way you hear, what is your self talk, what do you tell to yourself about life dissatisfaction? Begin slowing down the pace of volume.
Do it until you feel all the feelings about difficult situations have transformed in waiting to move up and take life as a rare opportunity to claim your place.
Think as if you have become bigger than the situation and circumstances and notice the changing perspective!