14 Aug 2015

What is the one thing common in almost all successful people?

As a successful person, are you ready to face the criticism for the limitations you have created around yourself?

Most successful people become a victim of their own success. They start to believe that they cannot make a mistake, they cannot miscalculate, that they are beyond reproach.

The Outstandingly Successful people know when to write an expiry date to their already achieved success, they are open to criticism, feedback and best of all to re-invent themselves..

One of the best questions I was ever asked

“What do you want to be remembered for on your deathbed?”

Though it is easy to put aside such questions, in the wake of everyday ‘responsibilities’, everyday peace & happiness comes from letting your Purpose define you.

Answer the following questions, and find out if you have developed a comfort zone in your success:

  •  Do I let the fear of losing my pride & patch of power, hold me back from taking risk?
  • Is the risk of being exposed and vulnerable, making me do what’s always been done?
  • Am I able to challenge old assumptions and try new approaches to problems?
  • Do I ask for what I really want, or bite my lip, lest I ruffle feathers or subject myself to criticism?

As most outstandingly successful people understand & fully appreciate the necessity of re-inventing themselves, and let not their current level of success, become their stuck state, watch Anuradha Tewari, the screenplay writer, known for her immense contribution in Bollywood, awarded Filmfare nomination for Fashion and other movies as she speaks quite humorously about her journey towards becoming a InnerMost Shift Coach.

Now, Are you ready to caste your mind ahead ten years from now and think about the life you want to be living then. What do you want to be doing? With whom? Who do you want to have become in the process?

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