06 Aug 2015

Recently I have been scouting through numerous books, blogs, and essays on leadership. I got it all… everything ranging from what are the qualities a good leader should possess, to the kind of work that a leader should invest in to remain at the top of a corporate hierarchy.

But the very crux of the concept entails, ‘What inspires us to become leaders and let me add, better leaders.’ Well leadership is not a genetic trait, but it is a way of life that one grapples on with the proceedings in their immediate environ. It is about the positive imprint that some people leave on other peoples mind. This could be anyone, including people from your own kith and kin, celebrated personalities including politicians, TV or movie stars, business magnets and so on.
In the recent years I have observed how the world seems to be tuning to the way of Steve Job. The man’s success is farfetched, and the same seems to ripple on even after he rests in his grave. So what really makes this man an inspiration?


1.      The ability to adapt to change and see through times (of all kinds)- Jobs saw it all. His stated off by dropping out off college as his foster parents could not accommodate the fees. He then toyed around with mechanical equipment’s giving birth to a one of its kind Personal Computer.
While his company saw itself soaring in the early years of its advent, it soon witnessed a downfall, almost sending Jobs to ‘exile’. He had the ability to see through the toughest times, and resurrect Apple from ashes brining it to its present glory.


2.      Look into Future and have Sense of Time – Jobs knew of the need of the hour. This made him a good leader, but the ability to look into the future, made him a better leader. The soaring market demands and perhaps his illness fuelled him to produce even better well before time. The race against time got his products onto the winning post, awarding him with deserving rounds of accolades.


3.      Focus – Jobs make electronics his way of life. He committed himself to bettering every product he designed. His focus to create remained undeterred. He simply simplified his products to perfection smattering it with a liberal dash of sophistication.


4.     Vision – ‘Play the game better,’ was Jobs Mantra to success. He wanted to give to the world something unique. Take the I-pad for instance. It is a cross between a laptop and a smart-phone. The nuances of the same got work done for numerous people who were sitting off their laptops.


As we key down the end note to the blog we learn that just being leaders doesn’t quite serve the purpose, but it is about being an outstanding leader who will carve a niche for themselves in the journey called LIFE.
There are several techniques every BestLife NLP Practitioner learn with us. ‘Changing Perspectives’ and ‘new behaviour generators’ are few to name that help you to think of new alternatives and create more possibilities.
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