06 May 2015

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club” – Jack London

Do you know how some people tend to classify things sometimes in different context? Old is taken as bronze, new may be silver, coming soon is diamond and the dream one become gold and later will become platinum. Just think how the things, which keeps getting older, draws a muddled or confused thought in mind.

The old can be taken as outdated? Isn’t it? At the same time old may become a classic rare piece of art or proven wisdom. Does it trigger you to correspondingly change your thinking? Those of you are eager and learn quickly would say, yes!

Think! Birds come and live on the old tree and when they get bored they simply switch. You may take it they abandoned old home or say, “well they are unattached” It applies in the life also and ruminating over this would certainly illuminate another perspective and you may get now instantly new insights. And if you don’t believe that evolution happens only in a greater span of time, by now fewer smaller examples would bring an offbeat inference: we refer it as art of reframing.

Begin to find “something new in the same old thing.”

Up-cycle rather than recycle can be a new way to describe many phenomenon and things of life.

A bird-bath can be made from broken pots, a bookshelf can be formed using broken ladder, using unneeded bottles for making lamp shades, etc. such ‘upcycling’ examples show that old things can be crafted as excellent eye catching things.

After we are blessed with high-level wisdom and unmatchable cunning creativity. So keep growing wiser and let creativity unleash potential to bring newness every moment.
Work with yourself right now.

Know that meaning depends on the perception. Begin to think how to utilise whatever experiences you have possessed in a new way so that new generation takes it in a new manner. . Archaic things can be reused for some other purpose which is the ‘newness’. Similarly, old concepts can also influence such newness.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James

It is only how you look at one thing. For one an old unusable frame may appear garbage but for another it may be used as a tray. Perception and comprehension of older concepts for strategically developing newer ideas is creditable and making those ideas a success is high level invention. Old things are the inspiration for the new things and they are the physical and they are the makers of the modern things which we use so we say old is gold. Are you ready to take today as golden opportunity to turn around some situation of life?

Siri Guru PrakashKaur Khalsa

BestLife-Executive NLP Coach and Trainer

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