29 May 2015

Do you keep envisioning fearful outcomes? And the feelings of anxiety and stress keeps bothering you? Thisis quite an unconscious a process and most of it keep happening involuntarily. Once this realization comes to your awareness you can work to gain a control over it.

As per research and proven facts, there are two part of brain, left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. And while imagining fear the left hemisphere of brain is more active.

So one of the simple ways to get rid of fear, manage anxiety and let go stress is, make immediate innermost shift by triggering the functioning of right brain. This will restore you to a balance state of mind.Do this simple exercise of consciously shifting the function and focus to brain to the right hemisphere.

If you feel the anxiety, stress or fear, begin to notice the feeling in your left toe and left palm. Just notice how it feels in the left palm and the left foot for sometime simultaneously. Then gradually move your body, shifting the sensation moving into the different part of body and settling in the right foot and right palm. With this simple exercise, the feeling of stress and anxiety will be subsided.

After experimenting this for a number of times, we realize that it really works.. It brings back the mind to the present state and switches on the right brain hemisphere. The Power of Now gets activated.

The only thing you got to remember is to do it. You may write a reminder on a card and carry that in your pocket. Mind has the magical power to shift the feeling of stress and anxiety to “Peaceful NOW state” in 1 minute. Core principle of NLP states, “mind and body are the part of same system.” So use your body to manage the state of your mind. Isn’t this an easy and simple to use this technique?
You can deal with your mental emotional states using various NLP skills. Those who have learn BestLife NLP skills can easily relate this to Kinesthetic-Shift Pattern.

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