01 Jun 2015

Great spiritual teachers of all ages have in some way or the other have taught that one of the keys to get to the source of happiness within yourself is to think and act kindly to others.

While you are reading this article does mean that at some level you are too looking for more happiness though you are probably much better off than many people on this planet! I am not asking you to compare and contrast with others to feel privileged and happy yet developing a higher and better perspective would help those whom you can help, love and care in some manner.

In my workshop I sometimes ask my NLP practitioners to imagine being in space looking down on the amazing beautiful Blue Ball, the Earth, admiring artistry with mastery in all beautiful color and shades the oceans and lands with the clouds looks from above…the more you distance the more you would see only a good picture and less you will be concerned. It is a good way to dissociate from personal sufferings and generate new perspective. Once you feel relieved…

Begin to reflect on the fact that there are many human beings who are far less privileged starving to be loved and taken care, there are many homeless, so many sick and in lots of them in unexplained pain, just allow your consciousness to grow and expand get filled up with compassion for them and let it grow. I know you may be thinking. “I am alone not enough” “ I cant do big things” But even if you cant do something big;

Ask yourself few questions:
How can I make someone around me to smile?
How can I take little bit extra responsibility and relieve some one to relax?
How can I save from a bit of extra spending and donate for some underprivileged?
May be you can ask people working with you to donate a days salary to help Nepal victims.

If this gives you sense of good feeling, work out more innovative ways to spread happiness.

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