25 Feb 2015

Change your Mindset:-

Our Mindset or way of thinking determines our success or failure.
Right from childhood we begin to think and behave according to what we see in our surroundings. The things we grasp in all these years is many times conflicting and quite unnecessary.

We respond to our present life events based on our past experiences. However this is not a bad practice. We can learn from our new situation ones that come up in our life. However, our mind reacts to all the issues with a fear perspective.

What we need to do here is that we need to think from a different perspective. We should stay focused in the present. Take some lessons from the past and learn and come to at a conclusion from a different perspective. Make a habit to appreciate the things in our life. Also be careful about the new information that should be allowed to access your mind.

Learn from Failure:-

It is not possible to succeed in your first go. You need to understand the reason behind the failure and try to resolve it in your next attempt.
Remember, failure is your best teacher and you learn lessons from it. Unfortunately, many of the people ignore these lessons and give up at their first attempt because of frustration. The most important key to success is to accept failure and learn from it.

Practice Patience:-

Plan a strategy and think for long term benefits rather than focusing on short term benefits. It might take time but you would be happy to see the results. You may face problems but you need to overcome these hurdles and keep moving in the right direction consistently.

We can say that Happiness and Success go hand in hand. Whenever you are successful, you are happy and when you are happy and have a positive state of mind ultimately it would led to success.


Siri Guru PrakashKaur Khalsa

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