25 Feb 2015

Do you have a habit of starting projects, but not finishing them?

Starting anything is very easy, just as you and I make New Year’s resolutions each year. Since the world we live in is a digital world, tools to convert ideas to tangible products are easily accessible. If you have been taking action and working on your goals, that’s a big achievement and you should be proud of yourself! Getting started is your first step to realizing your goals.

The law of inertia tells us a body in motion stays in motion. Same goes for the goals you set and when you interrupt them, it becomes difficult to pick it up again. You start with a big bang but the fire fizzles out as you fail to keep up your motivation. Life gets in the way or you begin to procrastinate. So how do I tackle these issues?

  • Do a little bit everyday

Doing a little bit consistently every day has a major impact on the longer run. Let’s take a example, You spend 20 bucks on tea daily, that’s 7300 bucks per year which is a large amount but paying 20 bucks per day seems easy. Focusing on small, short term goals eases the pain in finishing the long term goals.

  • Stop pouting over the negatives

Failing is just the first step to success. Instead of losing hope over some failures, look at the positives and motivate yourself.

  • Face your fears

It’s harder to take actions and risk looking like a fool, to take responsibility and become accountable. The easier choices are staying in the comfort zone and having regrets for not daring. So whether you are trying to finish a simple day-to-day job or a ambitious project. Make a commitment to yourself to take action every day and always look at the positives.

Even you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come!

Siri Guru PrakashKaur Khalsa

BestLife-Executive NLP Coach and Trainer

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