23 Feb 2015

Life Goes On And So Should You

The truth about life is that it goes on, and there is no rewind or forward button in life. It plays at its own tempo. Each day is a new day and a new experience. There is no point in regretting. The past is over, it will not come back. You cannot go back and change it. Some situations are best to be left alone. You have to focus on your future, because that is something which depends on your current actions and needs your utmost attention.

Forgiveness Is Your Greatest Ability

You might be hurt by someone you love or trust the most, at times it will be quite hard to forget them, but you need to keep calm and forgive them. Try to think positive and let go any negative feelings for anyone. Life is your best teacher, try to live and learn from your past experiences.

Lessons From Your Past

Always remember you cannot avoid the truth. Be brave enough to face the truth. Even if you have made bad choices in your life you have to recover and learn from it. Everyone makes mistake and you are no exception. Rather than giving up early take some lessons from your failure and see that you won’t get into the same situation again.

Focus On The Brighter Side

Be clear about your objectives and keep an eye on your aim, remember what you want to achieve in your life. Don’t let your past to lose your focus.There are new challenges and opportunities waiting for you in future. Focus on long term benefits. Always keep motivating yourself, “Yes I can do it and no one else could do it better than me”, only then you will achieve success.

Siri Guru PrakashKaur Khalsa’

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