08 Feb 2014

Is NLP and coaching same?
Coach approach is central to NLP technology. NLP has the essential element present in its structure. Presuppositions such as “ people have all the resources” frames like “ Outcome thinking” and Richards philosophy, “ feed-back is the breakfast of champions”, forms the basis to build innovative strategies of coaching.
NLP gives everything a coach needs to think decide and act, using feedback, to coach the client from P.S (present state) to D.S (desired state), empowering them to formulate their own creative strategies to accomplish their goals. NLP encourages “ solution focused approach” as opposed to problem-centered thinking. Meta models forms the basis of designing powerful questions, perhaps the most important part of coaching.
At Alphastars-India NLP Training, our Practitioner of NLP & specifically our Master Practitioner of NLP Course has been structured to contain the essential elements of solution focused coaching. It is useful to people who are aspiring to be a Coach, be it Executive, Business or Life Coach. It is beneficial and practical even for anyone aspiring to self-coach.

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