29 Apr 2014

Leaders deeply understand the power of language and appreciate how it affects unconscious and conscious mind.  They know its profound affect on people’s decisions, attitude and uplifting beliefs.

 Language of leadership is emotionally charged with words that evoke senses.  Think the way words, “ I have a dream …..” supercharge people to create vision and swing them into action.

 Reflect on words such as accomplish, achieve, get, fulfil, win and conquer etc. we refer in NLP, such words as towards motivation words.  Such words leaders use in their language to inspire people to get rewarded and have benefits.

 When you add ‘sensory rich’ words such see, visualise and dream, along with ‘towards motivation’ words, this activate people to create a vision.

 Have you noticed ever the language of outstanding leader, Richard Branson? Virgin Group Chairman   (Passionate Visions)

“I see virgin group becoming the largest group based outside U.S.A.  getting to where we are now was quite difficult. Getting from hear to billion-pound company will be much easier. I sometime wonder what type of company we’ll be then”.

Visual modality is very powerful and it can be used to guide our unconscious behavior towards our outcome. (Movie of outcome).

At the same time language of leadership unfolds a path in people’s mind with unending curiosity. Pay attention to language,’ I sometime wonder what type of company we ‘ll be then”.

Language of leadership is ‘I” oriented with and indirect yet powerful focus to trigger a sequence of multiple actions.

Practice saying to someone . “I wonder what time it is?”, and you will see people tempting to look at watch and tell you time.

Language of leadership is trance inducing, taking people to search from their real time experiences and challenging them to go into unknown future, make it known and become known to the world.  As the world watches their words to become true.

Gandhi’s remarkable language reflecting in powerful statement , “ Be the change you want to see”,    invoke visual sense with a command, “ Be the change”, directing people to act, do and be the change.

 Leader’s language is packed with action verbs such Learn, Grow, Resolve, Change, fix and move etc.  Beauty of action packed language is, people search for appropriate resources and context- when, where and how to fill the void created in their mind. 

Think of statement, “ go win the world.” In this statement which world is requied to be won and  how should one act is not mentioned.  This tempts the listeners to get engaged into action.

 Another beauty of such language is “presupposition” in this sentence is, one can win the world,  people have resources to win the world and they will win the world. If you did notice the fact that

 language of leadership and affect their belief system. This prompts them to get into action and attain higher, superior capabilities. If you are well versed with NLP language patterns, you must have understood by now that, language of leadership mentioned here is derived from ‘Inverse Meta Model”.

 Others who are ready to explore exciting world of NLP language of Leadership, can learn it.Another option to understand such patterns is to read,  most appreciated book by co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Structure of Magic-I and II.