01 Sep 2015

(Can come under anger management, and also under the practical uses, importance, and advantages of being positive)

Yesterday ended on a wonderful note! It was a perfect day that concluded with the ideal evening, complete with sumptuous dinner and good night’s rest.


What if you overslept; well past your crazily screaming alarm on a working day? The day has just begun spelling TROUBLE with a capital T. Things go wrong in rapid succession.

  • Imagine being caught by the tenacious clutches of the 9 ‘o’ clock traffic jam right outside the by lane of your residence! You are gripped by frustration!
  • To add to your woes, you are late for that important meeting, and incessant calls from your boss’s assistant irritates you, with her/him giving graphic details of your angry bosses expression; worrying you endlessly.
  • In spite of the ruthless traffic, you make it to work, and the gossip brewing is on unpleasant staff lay-off.
  • Much to your dislike you are compelled to make that presentation with that annoying, colleague who you just cannot stand. You still pull on holding tightly on to that scream that you just cannot contain any longer! This isn’t it!
  • In the conference room, you have earned some unwanted glares and snarls as the laptop just decides go haywire at the opportune moment! The day’s wrapped on a rather terrible note and your face is wet with tears.

So let’s analyse this. Negative emotions are hurled at you at rocket fuelled pace. And maintaining balance seems like a walk on thin ice! How does one manage emotions such as these?

The only answer to such a situation is, BEING POSITIVE! It is the only way of handling a situation when life throws the lemons at you! When one is positive, the perspective changes to something more lucrative and purposeful all the same. Don’t forget negativity multiplies while positivity simply adds.

  • Tune into a groovy and peppy number, especially when running late to work. Music will lead frustration on to an all time new low. It will also help you buy time and cool off before you come in terms with the monstrosities meted out by your boss.
  • Ensure that you don’t take any calls while driving. Nothing can be more important at that time. So your focus and attention must be on the road. This also helps keep the frustration of incessant calls at bay.
  • Keep away from all the negative conversation at work. Spend the time looking up possible ideas for the next challenging project. Charm your way using your intelligence, time, and positivity to the advantage of leading the next project, instead of you actually being laid-off.
  • The ability to work with your rival only makes you a better individual, as you will be regarded as more tolerant. It will also help you step up the corporate hierarchy, as you are compelled to perform a notch higher than he/she does. So love your rivals! They are unknowingly there for your better good.
  • Glitches with your presentation! Well! there’s no better time to do that formal corporate presentation with your own personal touch. Use your presence of mind to act out a situation you’d like to explain, or use your wit to win over people in that conference room. Always remember life moves on!

As we wrap the blog we learn, that it is very important to center oneself to be able to combat any critical situation. And positivity is the key to achieving that center.