07 Sep 2015

Sometimes we are so caught up in the vicious circle of life where we completely forget about ourselves. Unforseen events, and expenses get the better of us, giving but a little time to bring our dizzying minds to a complete haul. Oh! If only we had the twenty-fifth hour! But that is not possible! So it rests on our shoulders to snap out of routine and give ourselves the ‘me’ time.

This may sound a bit bizarre, and very selfish, but me time is IMPORTANT. It imperative to love ourselves. Life can be very harsh, and people around us can be very insensitive too. They leave no stones unturned to pin us down, ridiculing us like scrap. And when that happens, our self-esteem tends to take a detour and go downhill. When this happens we become our own worst enemies.

Mentioned below, are some of the ways one can use to snap out of this negation and notch new heights.

1)     Distance yourself from those who make you feel low –

There are lots of people, who have the ability to pull you down. They can rubbish you to the face. Well, you really don’t need to be around such people.

2)     Take some me time out doing nothing!

This may sound absolutely strange but spending time with yourself will help you reflect back on your flaws and deal with the same in a mature manner. Also, you must bear in mind that it is good to make mistakes. It gives you an opportunity to perfect the flaws. Strive to be a perfectionist. However, you must keep fright at bay, and boost your confidence levels.

3)     Believe in your abilities

There is a lot one can do with the talent and the ability that they have. No one is less! So believe in that and forge ahead with confidence. There is nothing that one cannot do. The lord puts you through tough times so that you emerge even stronger. And also because the universe believes that you can solve the problem and pass with flying colours.

4)     Focus and go out of your way to be kind and loving to others 

Everything comes full circle when you are kind and loving. It means you are generous, loving, fulfilling and inclusive all the same. It also compels you to understand someone before you judge him or her.

5)     Loosen up a little, add quirk to your life 

People who are way too serious are not liked at all, this in turn will pin you down further. Become light-hearted, sometimes that will help you solve problems with ease too. A smile will sail you through the day.

6)     Add some colour

Sometimes when you feel down and under, you can lift yourself with the way you dress. Put on bright clothing; add some bling to your attire. Doing something out of the box will certainly quirk you up and lift your spirit.

Do remember that only when you love and respect yourself will others love you back and respect you. Don’t become someone’s trashcan. You as an individual are worth a lot more!