28 Oct 2014

Solve Conflict Using NLP

In your a span of life, you must have experienced several times simple thing turn into a big conflict, isn’t it? Be it in the place where you go to study or work, on the road or the airport, surprisingly even in the market place, a simple gesture, an unacceptable word, just about anything can result in a conflict.

Don’t you like everyone else know, there is seldom, if ever, a good outcome to any sort of conflict. Can you remember the last time you were in a situation of conflict, how did you feel? Didn’t it feel like a never ending argument, with all parties involved shouting at the loudest of their voices, leaving you with a feeling like you will drown in the noise. Just wanting to get out of there, or feeling your fist tighten up with rage, or was it helplessness of not knowing or being able to do anything about the situation.

Presuming though we all know getting angry, fighting, shouting and screaming serves only one purpose. It worsens the situation further more rather than resolve anything.

Whenever you are in the midst of such a situation, have you ever heard a voice in your head “I know this is not the right thing to do, oh God help me, I just can’t stop myself.”

It is seen that when in the middle of a conflict while responding to arguments, if you too match the volume, speed and tonality of the voice of the person, matching the angry contents, usually worsens the matter and results in increasing the intensity of the conflict.

On the other hand if you stay cool inside, remain in control even if it augmentative situation, matching the energy, volume, speed and tonality of the voice of the person, without matching the angry contents, you go on pacing, i.e. meeting the other party in their zone of the moment for a while, and time and again you keep slowing down breath, continue to resorting to a calmer and gentler way of speaking, you will be eventually lead the person into a calmer and more appropriate way of communicating.

An emotion of conflict, does not get over with the situation, most people tend to carry it forward, constantly think about it.  Thus people tend to multiply the unwanted harmful effects of the negative emotions.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) serves a vast and brilliant set of tools for controlling or rather resolving conflicts that arise in day to day hang out. There are authentic and time tested techniques and you can learn and use them.

We encourage you to begin with,  become aware of your different patterns of thinking, and develop your muscle for being able to quickly disassociate with any of such unwanted feeling, the moment it arises. Get curious, how to notice the movement of feeling and spin them in opposite direction. Be in control, gracefully oriented yourself with  practical NLP skills,  model the strategies of  successful person and for leading a happy, peaceful life.

Every successful, outstanding person has the ability to stay calm and unmoved in an unfavorable situation, to disassociate from the ongoing conflict, and look beyond the obvious.

Dr. Richard Bandler in 1970s, came up with a theory that all Human Beings have a perfectly systematic method of doing things in their mind. They make best choice available to them. Increase range of options, add more ways to get the life you want.

Further research,  a sense of curiosity and a will to help people improve their quality of life, Dr. Bandler came up with NLP practitioner program that is today famous all across the world for its many benefits, starting with making YOU aware of how your brain functions.

When you are arguing and when you feel that the conflict or the decision is turning into a heated argument, during the practitioner NLP program you learn, interrupt the habitual pattern. Simply speaking what does this mean. is, start understanding your brain’s strategy of getting into any unproductive state, and interrupt the hard-wired pattern.

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