01 Jul 2016

It has been studied that Life coaches are in uprising demand worldwide. In today’s world of hassled and fast modern living, people who care to keep progressing and desire to achieve the best, look to get a life coach.

As they care to get coached from reliable, authentic and qualified coach, our InnerMost Shift Life Coaching will qualify you to get accreditation from ICF, International Coach Federation.

So it becomes easier to start up as a self- employed life coach, earn decent income and at the same time help individuals, professionals, business owners and people from all walks of life achieve their dreams.

With us at AlphaStars, your accreditation as a ICF Certified life coach and  NLP Practitioner dual certification means you get equipped to handle variety of issues that people bring to you.

Thus you will be trusted for your authenticity when you start up on your own. As your clients will get better results, a word of mouth about you will keep you working at a comfortable pace, may be less or more hours, whatever you decide from home or business premises.

As our course is designed to follow framework, structure and tools, you will be able to coach clients face to face, skype, over the telephone, by email or on the Internet. You will be equally effective over any communication channel you choose.

Of course keeping in mind that internet coaching is becoming more and more popular, as this saves cost, time and whole world become accessible, we ensure that you become good at distance coaching. So what all you need is a working Internet connection, a computer or laptop to be able to take on more clients and have respectable income.

As you also get qualified as NLP Practitioner, our ICF approved InnerMost Shift Life Coaching will give you an edge over the others in market to get insights, knowledge and understanding to help people get unstuck and stay motivated. Thus you can even mentor or advise clients who need guidance in a critical time of their lives.

You can be competent to take sessions individually as well as in settings. Life coaches are often assigned the responsibility, by corporate houses and senior leaders, to help employees improve their lives, be more productive and bond stronger relationships at work and in their personal situations.

By now may be you have realized that earning potential for an authentic, ICF Certified life coach is limitless. Just care to get right kind of training as people are willing to pay but only for an authentic professional to help them take up challenges, solve problems, take decisions and resolve day-to-day issues.

So write to me if you want to know more about life coaching and what can it do for you.

Siri G P Kaur Khalsa

ICF PCC InnerMost Shift Coach
Marshall Goldsmith  Executive Coach
ICF InnerMost Shift Coach ACTP and NLP Trainer