05 Feb 2016

Want to be Certified Executive Coach?

Lots of people call me up and ask, “what is the way to go for Executive Coaching Certification?”
“Executive Coach” is very prestigious identity where primarily a coach is engaged to coach the top Corporate leaders, managers, executives, CEO, CXO, CFO, Presidents, Vice Presidents, etc. What the sponsors and stakeholders expect that the corporate executives get better in their behaviors and performance than currently they are doing. An Executive Coach facilitates the corporate leaders to tap into own resources to get outstanding results for themselves as per the parameters set by the organization.
An executive for whom an accredited Coach is hired to coach, the stakeholder can be a any one – Senior Leaders, Team Member, Managing Director, Department Heads etc. who expects executive to perform as per the organization’s expectations. The agenda set for coaching can be to bring an Executive Coach to reach to strategic decisions, design creative ways to increase market share, optimal use of available resources, manage time effectively, priorities or tohelp top leaders to enhance their productivity etc.


A point worth considering here is, usually an Executive Coach gets selected by corporates on the basis of their corporate background. This is true despite of the fact thatthough corporate experience has nothing to do with coaching as competency, yet the current market demand is to have a Senior Executive working or retired from a corporate to be hired as an Executive Coach. This is why most corporate people end up in opting it as second career. Those working at middle level positions are getting future ready to cater the rising demand of executive coaches and those who are ending their innings are getting new start.


Next important thing to consider is what sort of Coach Specific Training the Executive Coach must have.  This is where prestigious bodies like International Coaching Federation – ICF have gained reputation in many countries. Indian corporates have accepted ICF as very professional and ethical body and supporting it whole-heartedly. The ICF has set certain standards, norms, competencies and ethics that a Coach Training Providers and a Trained Coach must follow. JK group had pioneered in implementing ICF accredited coach approach and their case is highlighted on ICF website (www.coachfederation.org). IBM worldwide hire ICF accredited coached for their executives. Thus trend is that you need to have taken a Coach Specific Training, which is approved by ICF. This is where while you need to be careful. There are programs with approved coach specific training hours- ACSTH and there are programs as accredited coach training program- ACTP.  These are two different things.


You could be attending an Executive Coach certification with 10, 20, 30, 40 or less than 60 hours as minimum approved by ICF for a certification but the institute may be not making this clear to you. Language plays a big role here and until you ask specific questions, you won’t get to the facts.


The first option is a, economy option, if a person wants to attend an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program –ACTP (require min. 125 hrs. of training + ACC/PCC Mentoring + Coaching Session recording evaluation + few more requirements) , may go for, to begin with, a 60 hrs. or more than 60 hrs. Approved Coach Specific Training Hours–ACSTH. Here too there are few institutes offering ACSTH as part of ACTP. Most of the institutes have only ACSTH not ACTP. In this case person who has taken 60 hrs. or more ACSTH will have to go to another institute to go to PCC level which require one to complete 125 hrs. of coach specific training, and may have to learn new methodology which my not be inline or addition to the first choice they made. This may leave on lurking in search


Another most important thing to consider here is what methodology, tools and process is being taught that will help an Executive Coach to actually deliver results and bring Change and Transformation. What will give an Executive Coach the confidence to work with the issues of corporate leaders? Neuro –Linguistic Programming- NLP, is proven technology that help Executive

Coach to assist leaders to achieve the best.

NLP has proven an edge over other methodology for and Executive Coach. The world renown Business and Executive Coaches such a Dr, Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins and John La Valle to name few have successfully used NLP as basis for coaching.

ICF approved executive coaching certifications in India and world over, which have NLP as basis during the coach specific training.


You might ignore or consider it fully that rather than running here and there, learning things in bits and pieces. You could be running a risk of getting a certificate but no authentic model to back up your learning.


Most ethical and competent federation, ICF approves NLP methodology based Coaching Specific Training Hours and Programs.


This while perusing ACC / PCC level credentials, NLP based coaching programs earns you an additional certificate – NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner,


There are multiples benefits of NLP methodology as coaching model. A person can literally ideal with all sort of practical situations. You get trained to Navigate session in a flow state, pacing with clients requirements being equipped with techniques, frameworks, models and language patterns you even perform coaching without any written script. You also learn to design coaching tools, procedural formats and own model of coaching. All of this makes you a NLP Coach who is very confident in terms of selecting a right approach, tools set, calibrating change installing new strategies while working on real issues of client.


Why delay in vain and search for anything else when NLP based tools, concepts and ready to apply framework of Coaching Executive to live excellence is right before you. After all it is question of self-respect and honor when people are waiting you to improve their productivity and bring prosperity as an Executive Coach.