09 Jun 2015

3 –Winning Key Elements

Many times our NLP Practitioners and ICF Approved Certified Innermost Shift Coaches ask me, “What do I and Sat (my co-trainer and Life Coach-Mentor) do that ‘Magically Transform’ people in our coaching sessions and training presentations. They insist, “How do you “Create InnerMost ShiftTM”? “

I understand their curiosity as they appreciate and aspire to know the secrets of transnational talk.

Well the best that I appreciate about NLP as a technology of change is, nothing is hidden or very personal about it. Once you understand the linguistic model of Milton and Virginia Satir as modeled by the developer of NLP, you can easily and instantly begin to resonate with your audience and serve their needs effortlessly.

You can too in a matter of moments understand and become a class apart from the rest of speakers. Even if you are not a trainer, using the simple linguistic models you can become known as outstanding leader in your field.

Here are simple tips that you can follow easily

The best way we have found is, whatever you want to speak out- first write down and you will be pleasantly surprised to find in the real time situation, your communication is truly authentic.

Here are some of the profound ways to architect a talk that will bring about magical transformation to your audience.

3-winning Key Elements’ to Help You Magically Transform Your Audience.

Winning Key Element 1: Get Really Clear on Your Core Message
Reflect on the answers you get with powerful set questions:
• What is the issue you want to address?
• What is Magical Transformation you want to bring?
• What is the strong core message you want to voice?
• What the turn around story from the past you can tell?
• What is the metaphor you can relate?
• What is current story (News/research/word around) you can connect?
• What is word you want them (your audience) to voice around?
Do some introspective writing in response to these questions and see how these answers ….fit together……formulate the content of your transformational talk.

Winning Key Element 2: Use Sensory Specific language

• What pictures you want them to see?
• What internal voice and words you want them to have?
• What words you want them to sound?
• What feelings and emotions you want them to feel?

Winning Key Element 3: Get in touch with your heart center

If you want to “Create the InnerMost-ShiftTM”, speak with your conviction and from the center of your heart. Check to establish a deep emotional connect and speak from your ‘gut’ then reinforce it preferably with your own story and genuine message. Ask yourself:
• What do I truly believe at the core of my heart?
• What emotions this triggers in me when I feel about this?
• What emotional state I want others to experience?

Sit down with a focus around your heart zones; write down a strong message that you can tell to yourself looking straight into your eyes in the mirror. Then walk straight before the mirror and test it before you want others to have it. Just like a super chef test the recipe before others taste it, wont you? Does it resonate with your mind, body, heart and gut? If yes… Go win the world. And…
Just while you continue to read … let some of the new ideas from somewhere deep within … emerge … from the core of your heart … notice the way it appears in your thought… see certain pictures… begin to bring the messages … With every breath… relaxing you … as you hear you’re … authentic voice… feeling relaxed…and now… Feel the … Perfect emotion… that will help you write … May be in truly … The right away… Or … In a while… a ting… in your own way… willl help you to open up… receive many new ideas that …. Magically Transforms… And create Innermost shift.. in all those people whom you interact with… Absolutely in a way…you want to… soften … as you… often… soften and … Relax and listen within …for what wants to be written… for what wants to spread…

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