18 Feb 2015

Leaders are a mixture of numerous qualities each having a vital role to play. Both positive as well as negative traits help the leaders to sustain their day to day work in a consistent manner. Some are born leaders and some adopt certain characteristics to become one. At the end what matters are the most common 5 traits that a victorious leader possesses.

Power Of Listening:

They have a great ability to pay heed to the problems as well as the solutions of the people under them. Listening helps in bridging the gap between the leader and the team mates.

Out Of The Box Thinking:

People who think normally follow and people who think way beyond make others follow them. Thus, this trait makes the individual lead the crowd with his ability to make a difference.

Confident, Humble And Supportive:

It is said you should keep your feet on the ground even if you reach the sky. This is what humbleness means. Leader needs to always be a down to earth person because his behavior will keep the team glued together. Support and help from the leader encourages the team in an effective way. Confidence merged with this humble attitude works wonders for the team’s success.

Dare To Take Risk:

Nothing makes the task challenging and adventurous unless you take risk. And the one who dares to take it and handle it wisely is the one who can achieve what he wants to.

The Be Positive Attitude:

Last and the most important thing is keeping an optimistic attitude towards life. Even if one has to face failure, that shouldn’t affect his/her current performance. Looking at the failed attempt as an opportunity to learn is the best way to deal with it.

These traits are for all types of industries regardless of any specification. The duties technically may be different but at last the leader needs to guide the group and get the best out of them. Following these traits will surely nurture the leader in you.

This is how AlphaStars BestLife NLP exercises can help you to develop these traits:

Listen – With your whole body. While listening to others match your whole body in a graceful manner. Pace by matching physiological movements, adjust muscle tension, give your ears and match gestures- restate what others say and confirm with curiosity what do they mean. This will enhance your depth of listening.

Out of box thinking- Relax and feel a sense of calm, remember this as a wonderful state to ‘stream in’ new, innovative and out of box ideas from your unconscious. Keep asking questions:

  • What more?
  • What else is possible?
  • How differently you can find a solution?

Confidence and Humbleness– Feel grounded, take your awareness into your belly, gut and breathe deep while you soften your muscles around your eyes. Appropriately adjust tone of your voice and pace to sound supportive and accepting. Use phrases such as, “I understand” “I appreciate” while acknowledging what is being said by the other person.

Dare to take risk– Think of someone (a role model) whom you know or understand as a very courageous and wise risk taker. Imagine this person responding to your circumstances and situation. Ask your unconscious to learn different ways as you see this person (role model) courageously taking risk and wisely safeguarding him/herself. Imagine as if you are looking through the eyes of this person and feeling what that person feels, taking risk and responding so differently. Once you have done this, ask yourself, “What are the elements of this experience you can bring in your role as a leader.”

Be positive– Failure and success are very integral part of life. Both are important. By thinking to be positive it becomes hard to maintain. So the way NLP suggests is, focus on “What have I learned from it?” take every outcome as feedback. This will keep you going.

You can ask me about more of BestLife NLP technique that can help you model excellence and evolve as very outstanding leader.

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