17 Feb 2015

Many a times small business owners and entrepreneurs ask in our workshops or business coaching sessions with me, what kind of beliefs they should one have to keep perusing big business and life dreams.

In this article I am going to share the concepts that can help anyone to design andAnchor powerful “Belief System” in any respect and make things happen to leave a mark in their own manner.

Let us first understand the fact that business focused beliefs shapes the way your products or services are going to be. Even if you don’t own a business and you are a leader of a company, you can install a powerful ‘belief system’ because it is what works as a driver to carry on vision or mission of your company and orchestrate the outcome in the market place.

Designing and anchoring purpose fulfilling beliefs and principles for your company or business is very energizing and satisfying act. Most leaders and business people feel vibrant and enthusiastic while formulating such core beliefs.

So the question now is “How do we start?

As we all know NLP is technology of modeling those who succeed in getting outstanding results, here is a set of question that such people ask themselves to elicit empowering business building beliefs.

Begin asking yourself following belief system designing questions:

ℵ Does your business exists because of you or you exist because of it?

ℵ What is your thinking that supports your answer?

ℵ What sort of relationship you have with your business or company? Describe in three lines.

ℵ What do you want your business to do for you?

ℵ How do you want your business to be in next 3 years?

ℵ What do you want to prove true for your product or services?

In order to get some model answers, let me capture your imagination for few moments. While writing this article I am sitting in Costa Coffee shop in South Extension in New Delhi with Siri. She often helps entrepreneurs to design wonderful belief system. She encourages business owners to model such successful business houses which have managed to cross their nation or region and grown world over. So let me trigger your unconscious genius faculties.

To my mind, the business founder leader of Costa chain, years back, if was asked to answer these questions, the possible answers would be:

  • My business is stronger and growing faster on daily basis.
  • I hear from all visitors irrespective of age sex or status, wow I love to be here.
  • I impact the lifestyle of people with my materials and insights.
  • I engage my clients with rich sensory experience.
  • I communicate clearly about the product and services and people want it.
  • I am excited to offer services innovatively.
  • I have all the time I need to reinvent and live balanced life.
  • The business grows on its own and sufficiently generates profits to invest into latest equipment.
  • There is someone wanting to take over operations and set me free. It is interesting to do this business.

What are your answers now?

Let your answers stream in from your unconscious and have them clearly written down. This is your first version of Business Beliefs. Continue working until you can very crisp clearly turn them into well-formed structure such as above.

If you can generate a set of such beliefs/principle statements, altogether they can be anchored as strong “Belief System”. Our BestLife NLP practitioners are well versed to work with individuals and leaders to assist them in this matter. They are rigorously trained to coach business owners and industry leaders in eliciting even finer sensory distinctions; we call as Sub-Modality Distinctions (SMD’s) of empowering belief system. The subtle elements of sensory system to install these are like guiding maps that is used to anchor beliefs at a deeper level of psyche and program their neurology, such that the belief system unconsciously begin working to get desired results.

Can anyone learn or get coached to install such a strong belief system?

– My answer is “Yes”, “No” and “it depends”.

If you are serious enough and use proper NLP skills, and have a strong vision for you business, this is probably one of the most powerful kinds of methodology that you can have. Another important thing is, are you trained properly to alter the state and precisely Anchor absolutely in a way the human brain naturally does? If the answer is yes, then of course it is possible to adopt and use any type of “belief system”.

Unfortunately many of NLP schools does not train their practitioners on “Systematic Conversational Installations”. They don’t think that NLP in fact is a way of being fully connected and deeply engaged with natural ways of living life. They lay more emphasis on techniques and skills rather than raising one’s awareness to be a generative learner and original thinker who can bring about any kind of change andMagically Transform self and others.

Then what you must keep in mind?

If you’ve started your business with intentions to grow or your business/company is already progressing, your belief system can be reinvented to accelerate growth and multiply profits. Would you still wait for others to first succeed or take lead?

Sat Puram Singh Khalsa

BestLife – Business NLP Coach and Trainer

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