12 Feb 2015

As a BestLife-Business NLP Coach and Trainer, many of my practitioners approach to me, how do we handle clients procrastinating? At the same time they share with me a very fascinating phenomenon most of their clients face, “I am so unfocused that I can’t stick to one thing.”

Well let me share my findings about such people and how do I assist them. If your experience is like mine, most of such people actually have big dreams and aspire to achieve them in the shortest possible time. They are in fact deep down restless and anxious to get things faster and can’t pace with their thought process. They get so many thoughts and multiple ideas and feel helpless to slow down and make choice to act upon.

When I meet such clients, I pace with them and then quickly lead them to feel good, relax and focused. I tell them as you are so keen, let’s do something about it! Let’s accept that it is not always easy to decide when you have plenty of ideas popping in your mind. Because simultaneously you will have tens to think about plenty of obstacles to overcome too, isn’t it!

Here is a very powerful script I have used many times. Find out why it works.

In fact it is not that you procrastinate, and nor do you have fuzzy headed, unfocussed mind. May be you have actually a very fast mind or too little a time to do so many things, isn’t it? So what would you do if you knew you have all the time to act on every single choice you make? Would you still test every single idea or simply begin enjoying getting results on any choice you act upon first? What do you see in your mind when you think, you have realized a big dream… does it matter? What choices do you see in your mind you have made to accomplish things that matters you now.

Notice how does it feel in every cell spinning, filling every single cell with energy of achieving the best life possible doing whatever it takes now… where do you feel good, so much good in every muscle and every vein.

I wonder what are some of the simple behaviors you can adopt now quickly to remain clear on what needs to be done, so that every single day in the week to come, months to go and years and years of happier satisfying life to be lived by, as you take a solid step forward for the kind of life you dream to have now……. let your unconscious bring in your awareness as you write it down.

Generate a New Set of 7 Behaviors

Decide on a set of useful resourceful feelings-behaviors that would get you to live a life of your dream?

What kind of choices would let you to be a free spirited and most likeable person?

What has to be your motivation and action enabler to keep moving forward in spite of what ever comes up?

What has to be your weekly beginning of the day and afternoon feeling routine?

Here is an example.

Make sure it’s an adoptable and repeatable plan with definite behaviors anchored in a particular context

A glance at sample of new behavior generator outline:

Add 7 Day behavior and feelings of freedom and possibilities

I’ve seen my clients coming up with more detailed routines but even this level of chucking the information is quite easy to remember and follow

Depending upon the thinking style, you can work out more or less detail, and that’s totally fine. Find what works for you, keeps your spirit soaring, soul happy and good feelings spinning. You can finalize your new behaviors, your groove and good sense to Anchor it!

I have seen 7 good feelings and new behaviors, bring new energy and meaning to life of my clients, helps them overcome procrastination. They start getting clarity of mind and new meaning and purpose of daily –weekly routine.

Siri Guru Prakash Kaur Khalsa’

BestLife-Executive NLP Coach and Trainer

Licensed and endorsed by Dr, Richard Bandler, co –creator of NLP

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