13 Feb 2015

How do you decide?

On a certain day one of my very old friend walked to me, how does one know about the appropriateness of decision? She asked.

I believe this question haunts many people and they find themselves struggling and wasting energy in a state of indecisiveness.

Can NLP help someone to take appropriate decisions? Richard Bandler the co creator of NLP has quoted several times, decision making is powerful strategy and most people can become aware of their strategy and use it. Like me you might have heard him mentioning in various audio video recordings wherein he talks about how people decide about their meal in a restaurant.

Some people go through entire menu in a sequence and still watch other people eating, then ask can I have that?

During one of the Masters classes, one of my students, extremely jovial in nature, and very spontaneous in her humor, had a starling realization, she is extremely procedural in nature.

||When she goes to the restaurant, she will go through each and every item, even ask the waiter at times what is the preparation of some of the items, before finally deciding to order. Hold on for a second there, does she decide what she has to order based on what she already knows, not really. She’ll look around just to see if she sees something interesting on some table, ask the waiter, ‘what do you think about this dish?’. Now the entire process, may not take more than 2-3 minutes, mostly, and she will follow the same steps everytime.||

“Well, a small window to the decision making strategy of the person, the person is procedural, and has external reference.”

Does it happen with you? Well one thing quite evident about people asking me about decisions making is, they can’t decide on their own. They like to refer someone outside their own experience, we call it in NLP, they have external reference. Is it a part of their strategy? This can be used and taken advantage of.

Try this simple test. Keeping one decision point in mind, maybe ordering in a restaurant or buying a suit, when you have to take a decision, do you lay down all your options systematically, and go through each one of them one-by-one, or do you pick one from the scattered array of options available.

Think also, whether you take the decision completely by yourself, or do you ask someone before finally deciding. There you have part of your decision making strategy already with you.

“Remember, any decision making strategy is very contextual. So the answer you just got for ordering food, might not be the one for deciding your dream house.”

Another thing about making good or bad decisions is your body signals. Have you noticed? Each time you take a decision, you get some signals or movement of energy in your neurology.

Watch out this space, for more articles to follow in decision making. Understand your own, & other’s decision making strategy and have more and more awareness of how you function.

Siri Guru Prakash Kaur Khalsa’

BestLife-Executive NLP Coach and Trainer

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