08 Jul 2014

Begin to look from the future into now, where are you today?

Though at first it may be little strange, but it’s the way you will get insights.

It’s 2019 and 2020 is approaching – and you are going strong 🙂

Imagine you’ve done a lot in your life and enjoy being outstanding.

But the amazing thing is,

Something much bigger….

Much more meaningful for you in the not-too-distant-a-future…

 ..the problem is that there is new stuff you MUST learn to get there or

 make life extraordinarily comfortable… but…

Wait … a …..moment…..

Surprisingly there are people, unlike you,

who learn this in a hard way

Consider it now…

You  have to loose nothing:

 If you don’t let this moment, the moment you live in…

Do not let slip this out from your hands…like sand from a tightened fist !!

 So it won’t exist for that long, no … no

 Not at all.

If you keep doing the way you are right now –

then EVERYTHING is over.

If you keep holding  and remain stuck,.

May be no chance remain.

 And everything mean EVERYTHING!

Because  as you keep going the way you are going,

you may even run into even some UNIMAGINED problems.

Whatever is there and future  for you -in order to get all of that 

you have to get rid of your worst fears…

You have to rise up against inner obstacles that you’ve never imagined…

become AWARE , move forward into the future, get focused.

This is your time  TAKE ferocious  resolve to create  

a magnificent  vision – deicide on GOALS on LIVE the life you DREAM.

There is no chance that you can’t be OUTSTANDING IF you are focussed

– in EVERYTHING you do. Make a CHOICE

Remember every time your fears arise…

You feel like giving up…

You think this is not for you. BUT

Go ahead.

Move Forward.

Unparalleled success is waiting for you

This will happen, 

Only  if you are determined to step forward and begin.


FIRST step is MAKE a change now.

CHANGE something NOW. Get into FLOW.

Most people are SATISFIED in now, have NO vision.

Others are DISSATISFIED in now, have a vision.

Be the one who is SATISFIED in NOW


Bring FUTURE into NOW, Make things happen.