16 Feb 2015
Have you seen racing bikers maneuvering their machine at rocket jet speed negotiating sharp curves? A batsman hitting one after another, fours and sixes, still going unbeaten? A presenter mesmerizing the cheering audience flawlessly and not stopping?

Most of us know and somehow absolutely convinced about the fact that our life at any point is result of our learning. Ever since we get into this world, we begin absorbing infinite amount of information isn’t it? Our sensory system is capable of continuously feeding our neurology with packs of data.

Frankly stating, our cups never get full.

We can plot our learning cycle of 4 different stages as:

  1. Unconsciously Unlearned (UU)
  2. Consciously Unlearned (CU)
  3. Consciously Learned (CL)
  4. Unconsciously Learned (UL)

Very simply speaking about it, when you are in the 1st stage anything you don’t know yet, obviously you can’t attempt learning, is at Unconsciously Unlearned state. Everything hidden in this domain is waiting to be unraveled.

The 2nd stage is when something triggers you and you become aware of certain things you don’t know and want to learn. You find someone making a better presentation, exhibiting extraordinary leadership qualities or doing better business etc. it can be anything that interests you but you can’t do.

The 3rd stage is, you get to learn it and make conscious attempts. Have you learned driving or were trained to operate some software, recall how you consciously attempted every single step.

The 4th stage is eventually you consciously couldn’t handle what you were doing. It became difficult or rather cumbersome to remember every step. You gave it to your unconscious, what a relief? You could relax and chat while you unconsciously drive the car.

5th stage – Mastery Mind Set Super Learning State.

If you go by normal learning cycle stages, it takes several hours and some cases 10000 hours to attain “Mastery Mind Set “ we call it as 5th stage.

This is where NLP and Hypnotic altered state of mind can be of great help.

It is a kind of mental rehearsal in slow brain wave, meditative and deep reflective state. Some researchers name it as Accelerated or Surer Learning State.

I am giving here 2 of very simple ways to get into altered state of mind, this will help you to take your just learned skill from conscious learned stage to Unconscious Learning in quickly and smoothly.

Method – 1

Relax muscles around your eyes, let your vision expand and close your eyes.

Create a ‘mental theatre’ look at the screen a movie of your skill in a dissociated manner. What it means is you must have a picture of yourself engaged in the activity, you want to be good/expert at.

Continue doing it until you start getting good feelings in your whole neurology to the point that you begin mentally chanting like a Mantra “I feel good about myself”

This is not a designed skill, as all of know, NLP is study of excellence. And researchers have studied various models of excellence to find out their strategies and ways to do things and attained mastery.

Many Olympians, Business people and leaders follow this powerful yet simple to practice methodology to beat their own standards of performance. Would you not try?

Method – 2

This method requires awareness of someone who is already expert in the area you want to have mastery.

May be you know someone who can handle day to day critical issues so well that you want to be like that person. It could be the way this person decides or handles team.

You can closely watch this person doing what you want to, and model the neurology/ physiology. Pay attention to all possible components such as posture, movements, voice tone, looks and even subtle things like breathing etc. Take a snapshot and allow your unconscious to integrate in your neurology.

Believe as if you are looking through the eyes of this person, hearing and feeling as your model of excellence does it.

Additionally say all the words of praise in your mind about your model of excellence. This will let your unconscious pick many more chunks of information that you may consciously miss out.

Soon you will find reaching Mastery Mind Set…in an accelerated manner. What do you thing this year, this month has for you now???

In my coaching and training sessions, I have extensively used this drill. And our BestLife NLP Practitioners also keep narrating their success stories. Should you like to know more about such simple tools to change your life and practice them with mastery, feel free to explore more the BestLife NLP practices with us.

Do you have any such stories you want to share?

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