05 Jan 2016

How do you organise time & emotions?


Do you want to master your emotions by releasing the negative and lead a happier life by replacing them with positive emotions? A BestLife NLP practitioner is trained to do this by exterminating the negative emotion from the root of the event or memory.

Given a choice anyone would want to move towards a more satisfying life, design a more positive mindset and live ultimately a better life. So how do we do using ‘Time Line’?

Our “Time Line” is our unconscious memory storage mechanism, which not only stores events, but also emotions linked to the events, causing us to later project assimilated emotions to similar negative events such as the first. You can refer to these memories and behavioral patterns as schemas, mental maps, or Gestalts, which are continuously formed throughout our lives.  Trained NLP Practitioners use Timeline often during Coaching or Therapy sessions.


Most people know that NLP is highly appreciated technology for personal development. It promotes positive growth in many ways and help in reducing negative emotions.

Some people have developed interventions and given different names, these are all variants of NLP, so either way NLP technology has given relief to people in variety of ways

One of the concepts in NLP is popularly known as Timeline. Expert practitioners to help people release their time related emotions held as memories invariably use it.


‘Time Line’ is a simple way to understand how one organizes memory of even and related emotions. One is asked to mentally visit the events and draw learning and understand the associated emotions and gain profound insights. This is done in order to not only overcome them, but to constructively utilize our new found knowledge and deploy the insight deal with likely similar future situations.

Everyone knows garnering negative emotions can lead to unfavorable health conditions &if ignored become almost untreatable, both medically and psychologically.

Timeline interventions help anyone to get rid off Negative Emotions. This is why Timeline based interventions have gained popularity the field of Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Peak Performance Coaching etc. It is simple to use, effective, versatile and bring in permanent positive behavior changes.


Fact remains that our memories of unresolved issues filter our perception. As all our memories stored in the form of emotional baggage, which ultimately influences response to stressful situation. All such memories distort our ability to reason and logic, and thus cause us to react counter productively. We get disturbed in our relationships, reluctant to act, shy away from ambitions and live unsatisfactory quality of life.

Timeline interventions are most effective with problems related to humiliation, hurt, and anxiety, feeling low and depressed. You can also use it to remove hiddenfears, anger and reactive behaviors.


Simply become watchful of your present perceptions and unwanted responses to certain situations. Seek help of a qualified NLP Practitioner Travel on your timeline to trace back similar emotion and release the negative charge.


In the next article I will talk about how can you use Time Line to deal with your limiting beliefs.