18 Jan 2016

Limiting Beliefs

In the last article we learned how to deal with negative emotions or bad past using timeline. This time I will talk about changing the negative belief imprints into new and empowered one.

Let me first explain the process of belief formation and then learn how to change them.

Limiting beliefs generally operate out of memories held in your unconscious about unfavourable past experiences.  All such memories get embedded on timeline. At times one or several of memories linked together in some way form into a strong belief.   Thus some pictures, sounds or feelings that made you believe that you’re not “capable or competent enough”.

Sometimes there are several of such experiences and other times there could be one of so significant event intensely formed into belief. Such beliefs imprints in to your Time Line or array that obstruct your ability to reach your potential outcome goals, or a simple behaviour you want to exhibit. You know them as negative or limiting beliefs.

When such beliefs remain buried in the unconscious can lead to unfavourable mental and emotional conditions & if not dealt become almost unshakeable.
Timeline techniques help anyone to get rid off Negative Beliefs. This is why Timeline based interventions have gained popularity the field of Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and all sort of Coaching.

The solution involves going exactly into that memory and learn from it. Then being in a resourceful state reframe and recode the memory as you allow the images, sounds and feelings to change.

In a simple sense it is called revivify, relive, release the negative charge and re-imprint it.You can ask our BestLife NLP Practitioners or NLP Coach to assist you in this regard.

Next time I will explain how to overcome lack of initiative and drive using timeline techniques.