19 Nov 2015

As kids, we have all learnt the process of filtration, right? And we also apply that every day in our life in simple day to day activities like having tea. While we follow the process of filtration everyday every moment in life in making tea, think:

What are you actually doing in the process of making tea?

You are actually passing the liquid tea and solid tea particles through a filter and thereby separate the liquid tea from the solid tea particles, right?

So now, think again, what do you make use of?

What do you retain?

And what do you discard?

Normally the liquid tea is taken for consumption and the solid tea particles are discarded as not been used.

Now think again, if you have to make the best use of the tea, having the liquid tea is satisfying and meeting the purpose of making tea, simultaneouslyhow would using tea particles help you?

Yes you can make use of solid tea particles as a fertilizer for plants instead of discarding away as failure, when you train your mind to never give up and think there is no failure only feedback.

Realize the moment we began to see the benefits of all the things, then how would life be?

In life too, everything that we do, our mind constantly follows the process of filtration and filters something in and filters something out.

Now, look back as you work every day and you work hard to meet your targets, the process of working is the process of making tea, the liquid tea is the result that you produce.

While the solid tea particles instead of discarding it as failure of the goals not achieved, if used as the feedback of your actions to achieve your goals, how would your performance be?

So, how do you train your mind to make use of everything, in the process of achieving your goals, follow the below steps:

  1. Keep your goal constant: if you are making tea, and in the process you realize you don’t have milk, don’t end up making green tea. Let your mind never fail on the goal of having tea.
  2. Differentiate between goals and results: That is the solid tea particles are not to be discarded considering it as failure rather used as a feedback. The actions you take and the intermediate results of your action is a feedback and not the final result of your actions , make a shift in your mind by finding the benefits of these result as feedback and not as a failure of your actions towards reaching your goals.
  3. Change your strategy and not goal: Once you get feedback and know for sure it is not a failure and your mind will never fail, you began to re-strategize find new alternative ways of achieving your goals.

Apply these 3 steps to train your mind which never fails, as there is no failure only feedback.