21 Jan 2016

Erase Your Bad Past Create Future Of Dream – Part 3 (Using Time Line to deal with Lack of Initiative and Drive)

Lack of Initiative Drive

Whatever happens in gets stored as memory in your mind. All memories get placed sequentially in achronological manner and you recall these memories by time, date or year. Your mind also organizes these memories as events, emotions and experiences. Some of these memories remain in your conscious awareness and others you remain quite unconscious.

When something triggers array of similar memories and you generate a response that you can’t really figure out, it is then your unconscious storehouse has assimilated the response that has pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised you.

In this article I will explain the impact of unwanted memories on you initiative and drive.

What happens when you want to venture into something new? Do you struggle to shut the inner voice that stops you “It is difficult” “ Success is not easy” or “Don’t risk”? if you are  wondering why do end up thinking this  way? Here’s a possible cause: these may not be actually your conscious awareness or thoughts.

Check within chronologically or think back to trace emotionally charges event affecting you.

Do you have some one-time and intense experience triggering feelings of being a failure?

Have you experienced time and again like this and you have many of such memories changed into a generalization.

Next step is to challenge your conclusion. Is it true that this time too the same results will show up? What thought is keeping you thinking this way? Do you know someone or somewhere the outcome was or will be different than you are imagining?

You will find that by all means there could be no solid evidence that you might indeed be a failure in present circumstances. Work out what have you learned from this? What can you change in your approach this time?

This will relieve you from the burden of memories holding you back from taking initiative or moving forward.

Timeline coaching will lead you to re-represent the event and reframe  your experiences and release the emotions.

So many people we have witnessed who resolve to settle for nothing less than whatever they aspire and move forward to create a magnificent future.

In the next article I will explain about creating a Magnificent Future