27 Jan 2016

Erase Your Bad Past Create Future Of Dream – Part 4 (Create a Magnificent Future)

Power creating a magnificent future lies in ability to ask appropriate questions. The questions as you know determine mental focus and focus determine emotional state.

Try asking yourself possibility buildingquestions such as:

“How do I get unparalleled success?”

“How to live a Lifethat bringsto me greater satisfaction?”

“How to live in abundance and earn more money, be financially free?”

“How to find a loving life partner?”

“How to excel in life and be a model of excellence?”

“How to become a world class cricket player?”

“How to get selected in reputed management school?”


Compare, contrast and do everything possible to create quality questionsthat you as Professional, student, homemaker etc. you ask yourself about creating future.

Then write your answers in more details by asking lateral thinking questions such as:

What else?

What more?


Next step is to change your aspirations into ‘Well-formed Outcomes’ using NLP methodologies, ask following questions:

How will I know when I get it?

What evidence will I see?

What words will I hear? Who will say so?

What will be different?

How will I know the difference?


Once you have attained mental clarity, think about future and calibrate how do you organise future events in your Time-Line in your mind. Calibrate mental placement of future events by asking future oriented questions:

Where do I see picture of doing something tomorrow?

Where do I see a picture of doing something a week ahead ?

Where do I find one month, two months, three months and six months in my mind, at what distance from now are pictures?

How far do I see one year, two years and three years from now?


Now place your goals on your timeline in “sensory rich distinctions”, the pictures, sounds, feeling, smell and taste of ‘As If achieved’


A BestLife NLP practitioner is trained to help anyone in making goals clear and certain, thus creating a magnificent future.



Successful living involves in your ability to identify and resolve the past images relating ‘being unsuccessful’ on your lime line in your head that show up as:

What went wrong?

What sort of voices you hear?

Where the voices in your head come from?

What quality of inner voices makes you feel the way you do?


We refer such events as ‘decision points’. As soon as you raise your awareness about such ‘decision points’ in the past and get curious to be able to learn from them, you have terminated and resolved the continuation of such times.

There after revivifying the memories stored on your timeline that demonstrates your resourcefulness and strengths, makes you feel in control over your thinking.

This is how Timeline related NLP interventions work at resolving the problem from the root.