16 Nov 2015

Stress is Steering To Rear End Soulfully Seamlessly

Yes that’s right we as human beings are champions in getting stressed and we steer ourselves to put ourselves in the dead end of life situations with our full soul into it and we can do it every time very seamlessly, right?

Now think about it, have we been taught by our parents or teachers on ways to get stressed?

Or is it our inborn ability?

Realize, just the way you have the ability to get stressed, you also possess the ability to relieve yourself from stress, right?

If there is day there is night

The Good and the bad

The Right and the wrong

The truth and the Lies

Human beings have all the potential to create something and also to destroy something, so does it hold true for our emotions, our state of being, our behavior and our habits.

Now, let’s understand, how can we be calm from stressed state.

Calm is Call, Alter, Love, and Mindfulness, here’s how:

Step 1: Call of your internal state

Hear, what do your inner voices shout out when stressed?

What do you tell yourself when stressed?

Does that all lead to:

“I cannot do this ….”

“It’s not happening …”

“I am short of time, resources, people and lack of support…”

Step 2: Alter your internal dialogues

Stop for a moment and not let stress engulf you

The moment you start feeling uncomfortable, the muscle tension increases in your body and you hear the negative internal dialogues, just give a command to your mind: “STOP” and stop all the negative feedbacks from growing and increasing inside your mind.

Step 3: Love yourself

With the love in your heart, change your inner dialogues from negative to positive

Realize and tell yourself just the way I have felt this stress now, I also have the ability to be relax and calm and give these commands “RELAX” to your mind and continue telling this to yourself.While you relax, feel the love that you have for your own self and for all the people you care for. As you love yourself more the more your mind can relax.

Step 4: Mindfulness

Find new ways to reach your goals

And as you feel relax, now re-visit the situation you are into , and taking stress as an indicator, a feedback of your actions, think and re-strategize other ways and means of doing your task to reach your goals in the current scenario that you are into.

Ask yourself the following:

  • What do I need to accept in this situation?
  • What are the facts of the situation?
  • Considering these facts and the belief in myself, what new strategies can Ibuild now to accomplish my goals?
  • Apart from the resources that I have now, who else do I need to talk to, ask support for?

Using the above four steps, you can move yourself from being stressed to being calm and remember if you know to be stressed , you also know how to be calm.