07 Oct 2015

In the previous blog we spoke of methods by which one could relieve their body. This time, we focus on how to free (maybe not completely but at least partially of any stress) the mind. The mind is a wanderer. And we have to keep working towards getting it back, and showing it its place. The mind also tends to fall into a negative trap. So how do we work about getting the mind to recharge itself, and keep from falling in a trap?

  1. Indulge in some hobby– when you are stressed out, you must draw yourself to enjoy some of your favourite creative pass times. This could be anything ranging from reading, cooking, painting, dancing, composing music, or even solving a puzzle.
    Reading is one of the best hobbies one can take up. It is even better than watching television mindlessly, as reading involves a person a lot more and the knowledge is actually soaked in. Read on with some soft classical music playing alongside to calm the mind.
  2. Change the way you think – When you are stressed anger gets the better of you, inducing the domino effect of making one think even more negatively (which means when one thing is negative, everything in and around your environment is negated or negatively influenced.) But calm down, and look at things in a positive light. For instance, there are many things in life one doesn’t like doing. But we still have got to do it. So why not rid off the grudge, involve liberal doses of love and passion and do that thing. The results will automatically be better.
    Cheat your stress by thinking of something that will make you laugh or by indulging in some activity that will make you feel good.
  3. It is important to laugh– when I was young I was wondering why there are so many laughter clubs mushrooming in the city. Only when I got older did I realise that laughter helps release endorphins, which helps curb stress and any negation. So look for a little laugh in the silliest of things. It will certainly release you of stress. Laughter gives you a better and a more positive perspective of a situation you are caught up in.
  4. Breathe– we breathe not only to survive but to be in par with ourselves too. It is important to breathe and deep breathe, and centre yourself from time to time. Breathing will not only help rid off the excess congestion in your lungs, but it will also buy you that extra thinking time. When you breathe deeply you will allow the diaphragm to expand appropriately enabling air to fully gush inside your lungs. This in turn does a lot good to your body. When breathing ensure you are sitting on the floor (or an uncarpeted area). If not you can also ensure that when you take to deep breathing exercises, your feet should touch the ground. Always remember shallow breathing stimulates anxiety levels to accentuate.
  5. Motivate yourself– Enter the light by sitting down and relaxing, and just envisioning the light of the sun enter your body and doing away with all the toxins that spell stress and negativity. Fill yourself with that bright light, and keep radiating the same even around you.