14 Oct 2015

Life seems like this very complicated knot at times. While I have in the previous blogs given readers insight on how to react when you see a knot, you must also know how to untie the tangles and get out of it, in order to rid off the STRESS. Most people I know seem to want to run away from stress. But that is not quite how one solves their problems.  One must face their problems in order to solve it. Also, one must keep in mind that we are led by our destiny, and must invest some trust in the universe because it will only deliver the best to you.


1)   Let it pass – Things are not always in our hand. For instance, you may leave your house in a very good mood only to encounter an angry boss or a staff layoff at work. Instead of letting stress get the better of you. It is important you start working on how can you turntables to your favour.  There are some things one just cannot control, but one always have a hold on is the response and the way we react to a certain situation.

2)   Plan ahead – When you know that there is too much on your plate it is important to organize yourself and plan well ahead of time. Chart out a list including a deadline for each assigned task. Do ensure you have enough ‘Me’ time on hands for improved productivity. Creating a to-do list, or even setting reminders on your phone can trigger the importance of the work to be done, with immediate effect.

3)   Clear the clutter– it is believed that when there is too much on your work-desk it will not help you to function. Hence keep clearing the unwanted paper or any trash. Clearing the clutter of e-waste will also help. Clear your inbox or your computer of all the unwanted emails or files. DE-cluttering is the perfect way of calling on some good chi.

4)   Address the cause of your stress– it is important sometimes speak on a one on one for any problem that you could be facing at work or in your relationship. At times, people fail to realize that they are making a mistaking and it could be affecting you or even your productivity.
One must also look for ways of working around stress, opt for problem-solving techniques to find a way around anything that causes stress.

Also address the little things that need to be done. Create a checklist and strike out the task every time it is done.

5)   Learn how to say no– many times we become totally unaware of how much we can really take up in terms of work. It is good to increase and expand your work, but not at the cost of adding to the stress levels. It is good to say ‘no’ at times, rather than losing out on everything that is even there on your plate. You are not compromising on your credibility by saying no.

6)   Should and Must – identify the importance of your social, and work-related matters by segregating them as ‘should’ and ‘must’.  For instance, you should attend that party, but it is a must to complete that presentation before you hit the party.

7)   Social support –Google may have the answers to all problems, but it isn’t necessary that the search engine can empathize with you during your tuff times. You must seek the company of a positive social support to help you get out of a difficult situation. The social support injects the much-needed confidence, imbue positivity, and making you feel valued.