04 Nov 2015

While talking to people, they often ask this question, “Will NLP help me to become a Better Coach?”
So, let us explore that a little bit … won’t this be interesting?.

Let us first understand what is coaching?

Simply put coaching is taking a person from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Helping a person move from present or stuck state to a new desired state, it could be gain more confidence, define goals, improve performance so on & so forth. The agenda of coaching could vary, prime thing to understand here is that every coach will work with one common thread common in all, the solution to get the results lies with the client (coachee).

Another amazing fact to know about coaching is, it is a very systematic approach to helping a person finds their answers within. Thus any coach must know proper and well tested tools to assist the client reach to solution at their pace.

Because NLP is a way to systematically understand and model the success leading patterns of human behaviors and mind, so it is a safe to practice and easy to adopt intervention for anyone.  Therefore NLP tools & techniques become for many an obvious tool of choice while coaching, as the very basic premise of NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides one with the tools and strategies that successfully work in self and others. NLP also widens the perspective of clients to discover and change un-useful behaviors that sabotage their goals.

Popularly known as outcome oriented and focusing on resources one has Now &ability one posses  to create Future, NLP also provides ways to specifically and objectively calibrate and identifies the physiological state, elicit mental strategies a person uses at any point in time, and then provides one to make a right choice, become resourceful enough to have all possible means to make a change and improve the present mental and physiological state of the person.

So what would you say about such powerful and proven technology of human change? And when already millions over the world are using it? Significantly affecting the masses people like Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and CEO’s, CFO’s and CXO’s of Fortune 500 companies have found it natural way to maximize success.

Still for you to instantly appreciate how wonderfully NLP can help anyone to be a better coach read below.

10 most common and easily attained benefits of NLP, extremely beneficial in coaching are:

  1. Coach can use heightened sensory acuity with raised awareness to understand the client’s actual state
  1. With NLP coach can help client build a more enriched and desired map of reality
  2. The coach can understand the client’s Perceiving, Thinking and Responding mechanism
  3. Building rapport with all kind of people, is almost instant with NLP tools and a must required need for a coach
  4. Using NLP Language patterns, the Coach can masterfully directly communicate client, without offending or leading the client in any way. Thus maintaining the sacredness of coach approach.
  5. The coach can intelligently handle and manage self & client’s emotions which otherwise are difficult.
  1. Using NLP techniques the coach can articulate in a manner to make client reflect & rethink about own objections elegantly and knock them off wisely.
  2. Getting into the desired state is a very useful technique of NLP, and much useful for a coach, to be in a composed, vibrant and balanced state.
  3. Coach can help client Collapse Bad Anchors to get relief from anxiety and negative feelings or habits
  4. With NLP the coach can help client, Model in any area of life, a piece of excellence that client admires in self or others

Hence, in our InnerMost shift Coaching model, we didn’t think twice before making NLP the basis of coaching apart from the fact that it is backed by principals of neuro-science, quantum physics, Best Practices that leads on to be outstanding, Indian value System and spiritual sciences etc.