09 Nov 2015

As I walk down the streets, incidentally came across a school friend who was doing extremely well in life. With everything going for her, from successful business, a loving husband, a very supportive family to oodles of wealth and a plush life. Making me realize, she was living a dream.

And then in a dialogue with another friend that picture of this girl just zoomed in,exclaiming “Wow! This girl is really armed with some potential to have everything going for her.” Hearing this friend immediately jolted me up and pointed, that the human potential is not merely measured by financial status or even accorded by professional ranking. To begin with, one needs to get into the crux of the human personality and continue feeding it with intellect, physical and spiritual strength to persistently better our potential.

While there is a very thin line that demarcates good luck, destiny and human potential. Human potential continues to be a journey of hard work and unending bouts of determination.

Realizing that the human potential is not only centred to oneself but also ripples around as the person who explores human potential, will go all out to better the lives of the people around him and her. Instilling or making other people realise their own potential in turn making way to a better society. As person with higher human potential continues to be happy regardless of how they look or feel, by incessantly evolving with a learning process fostering personal growth and development.

So, how does one better their potential?

This is very simple: “Curiosity is the mother of all Invention”

Continue the journey inwards get inside self and others by being curious- Understanding the “HOW” part of everything.

We know the math of life, without any understanding HOW the formula was derived.

Even as we are growing we are constantly told to understand things! We do! And we do so by using a quick fix way of being judgemental.

We must keep the child-like curiosity alive to better the human potential.

3 Simple Steps to be Curious:

  1. Think of the time when you were a child and see how were you curious?
  2. Hear yourself asking questions to parents and people around
  3. Get inside the child in you and feel how you felt curious, leading you to ask and ask more, finding out what you know and what you don’t know.

And continue to find how you can be curious to learn and continuously develop self and people around.