30 Jul 2015
Where can I find the peace of mind?

A troubled and stressed time often disturbs life. It affects and destroys us, making our optimistic mind think negatively. It is hard to accept such situations and dealing with them is another concern. A fair way to restructure ourselves after stressful incidences such as a sudden death of family member, losing a breadwinning job, etc. is to search for the peace of mind.

To strengthen oneself after such impacts, a soul needs some ways to surface over them. Once dealt with them life can be lived with greater understanding and comprehension. The ways to develop or to find the peace of mind are simple.

1. Hope:

Hoping for a positive thing to happen will concentrate your thoughts towards good. It will help one forget pains and create a thought, a hope worthy for living.

2. Trust:

As easy as the word is to understand, as difficult it is to find. Trusting others may take time, however, trusting self is never difficult. If one trusts self then his/her mind will never fall prey to troubles and pain. It in fact will develop confidence to deal toughest of situations.

3. Focus:

In the cobweb of troubles where one’s mind is caught, confounding situations are sure to arise. These may lead to extreme negatives, which may lead to disastrous life. It is therefore necessary to have a focus on a thing which embarks a positive way of thinking. Focusing on the things you want will channel your mind to think in a way to get it and ease out your pain.

4. Expect less:

In bad situations we expect things from people. We expect them to understand your pain, to share your burden. This is not acceptable. Your mind should be strong enough to deal with the situation on its own. Surrendering self and expecting from others to share the pain is a negative approach which will hinder your relations. During such times you should accept the situation in your mind and move on.

5. Time:

Give yourself time to deal with the situation. It is hard to accept and dealing with it will consume time, energy and thought process. Sculpture your mind positively with all the time required because the wisdom it will generate will help you be concrete and focused.

It is eventually all the TIME which you utilize to FOCUS with accepting to EXPECT LESS will generate TRUST within you to HOPE positively for redeveloping you, giving you peace of mind.