10 Sep 2015
licence of freedom

We as humans are extremely fascinated by the idea of relocating from the place of our birth or where our family lives. We do not want any restriction imposed by our family (for our betterment) to mar our career prospects. But when most of us actually go abroad, we feel trapped! And yearn to take the next flight back home. Seriously wonder why are we gripped by such insecurity?

Well, at least in India, most of us are raised in an environment, where Ramu, the household help is trained to greet you with a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed juice when you arrive home. Our family members lovingly await our arrival home even in the dead of the night, to see that you don’t go hungry to bed.

But what happens when you take that flight out! All the love and attention one garners over the years disappears in thin air!

However, not all is lost! Life gives you the opportunity to feed your persona with the necessary edge and show you to the vitalities of freedom. But how do we do that? We are already fed with unending pre-conceived notions on the ways of the world. Perhaps it’s time to consider changing our thought process, and revising our views on the same.

  • Allow curiosity to get the better of you. The more you inquire, the more you learn, and that is precisely how you get things done. Don’t forget that your education empowers you to suss the best out of life.
  • Shed all pre-conceived notions. Develop your own viewpoints on what is actually good and bad on the basis of what you feel, see, hear, smell, touch, or taste around you.
  • An independent being, accepts them as who they really are. Their strengths are incessantly being strengthened. They strive to better themselves at other skills too.
  • Being independent also means one has their own thought process and are not afraid of going against the ways of the world, as they believe in what they think, they believe that they can make the difference, and they actually go the extra mile to prove what they believe.
  • You do something because you genuinely feel that you should! Not because you’ve got to follow the bandwagon. And you do what you do, giving it your best shot.
  • Being emotionally independent is important too. As life moves on, people you may have been emotionally attached to (or dependent on), move onwards. Hence. you are your own very best support to rely on emotionally right till the end.
  • It may take a few odd jobs to notch your career to the high you have dreamed of. Take the shot, without being afraid of what people think of what you do or earn. At least you are not depending on your parents/guardian for any financial support.
  • Save as much money as you can. Every copper counts. This is a step to being financially independent in your retirement years.

During my girlhood years, my cousins dreamed of living abroad, living life King size, and making oodles of money. However little did they know their dreams would be so shattered, as they couldn’t quite survive? On delving into the very crux of the problem, I realized the root cause of them not being able to fulfill their ambition was owing to the inability to submit themselves to independence.