29 Jan 2017
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NCIS season 14 episode 13 free torrent download

NCIS season 14 episode 13
NCIS season 14 episode 13 Virus free

NCIS season 14 episode 13

NCIS comes from Donald P. Bellisario, shows the inner workings of the government agency provides all crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel investigation, regardless of position or office. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents to investigate crimes or the Marine Corps Marine Corps ties all through. The leader of this group is off the chain of military command is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon)aetainterrogatorinvestigador smart, strong and willing to bend the rules to get the job done. Agent Tony DiNozzo Gibbs worked under Special (Michael Weatherly), a former homicide detective instincts just come to work in the streets. Next to them is Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), a forensic expert whose wit purchases represents the dark gothic style clothes, and Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard (David McCallum), a medical examiner. Season with character newyddMae’n- Bereziakagente Tim McGee (Sean Murray, “The Random Years”) with his computer skills are very part of the NCIS team. Special Agent Caitlin “Kate” Todd (Sasha Alexander, “Dawson Creek”), the American secret service for former officials, his wit and personality to lead the team to clap for the first time within 2, to its obligation to end season two, when he began a terrorist died.
Arrow season 5
In three seasons, the team Mossad Agent Ziva NCIS hosted David (Cote de Pablo)the group that took place in the chain, and a new directorequipo NCIS, Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly) has. Holly after leaving at the end of the 5th season, NCIS director Leon Vance took place (Rocky Carroll), through .moreless


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16 Jan 2017
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Angry Birds 2016 Full Movie Torrent

Angry Birds 2016
Angry Birds 2016 Virus free

Angry Birds 2016


In the animated comedy 3D Angry Birds movie, finally find out why the birds are so angry.
Passengers 2016 German 1080p full download torrent
The film takes us to the island, fully stocked happy, flightless birds – or almost completely. In this paradise, Red (Jason Sudeikis, we are millers, Horrible Bosses), a bird with the problem of temperament, szybkoChuck (Josh Gad in his first animated role-frozen), a flying bomb (Danny McBride is the end, to the east and down) was yashcheavtsayderav. But if the island is visited by a mysteriousgreen piggies, then, to dispel is unlikely to find that a pig. With cheerful, cast Voice All-Star, Bill Hader (Trainwreck, Inside Out), Maya Rudolph (sister of the bride) and Peter Dinklezh (Game of Thrones) and Kate McKinnon (Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters) include, Kigali-Michael KEY ( key Peele), Tony Hale (VIP, Arrested Development), Tituss Burgess (Kimmitt for Unbreakable Schmidt), Ike Barinholtz (neighbors, sisters) …

General information:

: Matroska


: 1h 37m

: 3606 Kbps

: Bluray

Encoder ……. JYK



Video: AVC

Video: x264 r2638 rod 148 7599210

2850 Kbps

Frame: FPS

: 1920 pixels

1040 pixels

Aspect :: 1

Audio # 1:


755 Kbps

Channels: 6

Selection: KHz



Ce film nous sur une AMNE le Peuple entirement doiseauxHeureux al ne day in Presque Volent life. dans VP Paradis, Red, un Oiseau avec un COLR problme, le TPC push the handle, etc. limprvisible bombade toujourst Miss lcart. Most lorsquarriventde Cochons Verts mystrieux sur LLE, some sera La Mission de GROUPE something Pariah dcouvrir something que le trament Cochons.


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16 Jan 2017
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Passengers 2016 German 1080p full download torrent

Passengers 2016
Passengers 2016 Virus free

Passengers 2016

A spaceship traveling to a distant planet colony and transport thousands of people who have a defect in their rooms. This allows two passengers to wake up in the early 90s. Spaceship, Starship Avalon on his journey of 120 years in a distant planet colonies known as the “Homestead Colony” and carries5258 people have failed in one of the rooms. As a result, under the open hibernation prematurely and the only person awake, Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) is jammed on broduprostor to 90 years of destination.

On a routine trip through space in a new home, two passengers, sleeping in suspendedanimation, wake prematurely 90 years ago when a malfunction on board. As Jim and Dawn persons living the rest of your life on board, with every luxury you could ever ask for, do not fall into the other, can deny their intense until you find the boat is in grave danger. comes to the lives of 5,000 passengersdormant state, Jim and Aurora can only spasesve them.

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