30 Jul 2015
Where can I find the peace of mind?

A troubled and stressed time often disturbs life. It affects and destroys us, making our optimistic mind think negatively. It is hard to accept such situations and dealing with them is another concern. A fair way to restructure ourselves after stressful incidences such as a sudden death of family member, losing a breadwinning job, etc. […]

29 Jul 2015
What Are Key Qualities Of A Good Listener?

Listening is one of the most important skills in all aspects of our lives – from taking notes in class, to maintaining our personal-professional relationships, to getting our jobs done. As we all know listening to others is hard. It’s a skill we have to practice and improve because it is far from what we […]

27 Jul 2015
What is an Inspiration

What is an Inspiration? Sometimes its hard to answer this and sometimes its far more easy to explain. an inspiration could be anything that could just lead you to innovate things. Hearing what the inner self is trying to say. Here are some things that could help to inspire people. Do what you love, love […]

27 Jul 2015

It is a morning board meeting, all the HODs have to make presentation on annual progress, time set is 11 a.m. Everyone receives a message from the CEO, “ Include a new crucial data”. This was not to be otherwise covered in the presentation. It is bit shocking for everyone because It requires significant changes […]