19 Nov 2015

As kids, we have all learnt the process of filtration, right? And we also apply that every day in our life in simple day to day activities like having tea. While we follow the process of filtration everyday every moment in life in making tea, think: What are you actually doing in the process of […]

16 Nov 2015

Stress is Steering To Rear End Soulfully Seamlessly Yes that’s right we as human beings are champions in getting stressed and we steer ourselves to put ourselves in the dead end of life situations with our full soul into it and we can do it every time very seamlessly, right? Now think about it, have […]

09 Nov 2015

As I walk down the streets, incidentally came across a school friend who was doing extremely well in life. With everything going for her, from successful business, a loving husband, a very supportive family to oodles of wealth and a plush life. Making me realize, she was living a dream. And then in a dialogue […]

04 Nov 2015

While talking to people, they often ask this question, “Will NLP help me to become a Better Coach?” So, let us explore that a little bit … won’t this be interesting?. Let us first understand what is coaching? Simply put coaching is taking a person from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Helping a person move […]